If given the chance, would you peer into your future? I did.

Sometimes we know what is ahead, people must go, good things come to an end.The best thing to do is enjoy what we have like it is the first time we are experiencing it…and the last time, like there is no tomorrow, like there will never be another to replace it.


Important Lessons of 2017

This year I have evolved. I have undergone a transformation that was not so much like metamorphosis, but more like a car getting a fresh coat of paint and new rims. I experienced so much within the span of 12 months as I am sure everyone reading this has. Some of the most memorable events…

Set, Pursue, Achieve: Goals.

I cannot even believe my own two marbles when I check the calendar to find that we have already arrived at the end of the year. 2017 seemed so distant at a time and now it is nearly over. With the closing of each year, comes the unraveling of another. The new year for many…