Little Noted, Below-the-Fold Items

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
I need a short break from my series on Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords, in fact I need a short break from Trump altogether. So I go in search of some non-political news about which to opine.  And I come across this:  A weekend of racial violence…

You Can’t ‘Legally’ Drive without the Keys. (Poem)

how can anyone feel okay after they’ve done something like ripping you away from me? I don’t understand it, but they demand it, and all I can do is plead. It was all so perfect, and the fight was worth it but no one seen what we seen. Every second without you was a second…

Life Advice from: Drake

Love, and life in general, would be an endless maze of pain if we didn’t have music to say what we’re all too afraid to express. Drake’s lyrics to ‘Feel No Ways’ is a gift from God.