Division : We Are Making America “Great” Again

America was never “great” and regardless of what our president believes, we will never better ourselves as a nation if we continue to react in the ignorant and brutal manner that we do.

Important Lessons of 2017

This year I have evolved. I have undergone a transformation that was not so much like metamorphosis, but more like a car getting a fresh coat of paint and new rims. I experienced so much within the span of 12 months as I am sure everyone reading this has. Some of the most memorable events…


I am saying this: if those with power can abuse it so disturbingly, imagine what the everyday individual would do with an equal amount of privilege. I am all for giving power to the people, but I suggest we learn to control our power now before we are given a voice loud enough to shake the entire world.
We have the power of manipulation and with that alone, we destroy viciously.

Why Are We Not Angry?!

This the 21st century. We still have slavery, unwanted arranged marriages, a racist president, marches for women’s’ rights, walls trying to be built, kids without access to basic necessities or education, animals still being abused for our entertainment, fathers still paying child support even with full custody of their kids, and the natives are still fighting to protect a land they have lived on and loved for so long.
Child support payments and slavery may seem like they belong on two different spectrums, but every act listed is an act of injustice.

Hear Me Out; We Got Problems

There are a countless number of brilliant minds out there of all ages. Plan to do something for this world, not just do something in it.Years of mutilation and disregard for our world and it’s inhabitants have brought us into the rut we’re stuck in today.

Racism in 2017

A short discussion on what racism might look like in the future, and why the #alllivesmatter movement is not as effective as you think.

America is doomed you say?

I cared very little to watch the election proceed on the night of November 8, 2016. My heart broke the next morning when I learned that America’s new president would be the same man we claim to possess such a powerful hatred for.But, let me defend Trump for a moment… Trump has said things like…