Division : We Are Making America “Great” Again

America was never “great” and regardless of what our president believes, we will never better ourselves as a nation if we continue to react in the ignorant and brutal manner that we do.


Oh, How Pure Love Is.

A physical body can be of the utmost attraction to someone, and because their lover’s eyes are so bright when paired with the sun’s 12 o’clock beams, because their nose pinches itself when they’re trying to fight back a laugh, they cannot get enough of this person. But rarely does such an obsessed being question…

Lilian and Jean ( short poem)

Smooth, hazel eyes, sly, seductive smile, your swift, slinky walk, they all beg me to stay a while Your tongue glides over your lips, your fingers fumble with mine, you ask, do not pressure, if I’d like another glass of wine We’re young and it’s late, food still untouched as I look over at your…

Don’t Let the Flames Die Out

I present a simple poem to express the gears of love. Love is not a significant other, love is feeding the flames all you’ve got to keep the fire warm and bright.


Just like my room, my heart’s in disarray. My veins pump pain instead of blood. My heart’s been abused and led into the street. Hit by robbers, thieves, and whatever’s in between. Natural disasters have caused my heart to be misshapen; tornadoes, strong winds, and earthquakes left me shaken. Exhausted by the hurt and yearning…

Dear Best Friend

I have a connection with my friend that is only understood beyond the realms of reality.