“They’re Already Dead”: Does Veganism Actually Help Animals and the Planet? (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Myths debunked, facts surfaced, images provided: The truth on the power of veganism.


More Face Time, Less FaceTime

Let’s stop connecting to the internet more than we actually connect with one another.

We’re all Thinking it: the Debate on College

They say we all have access to an education in America and I agree that many of us are made available to a high school education at the most. Then there is college: thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars is standard for a one to four-year education in many institutions. I just turned 16,…

Middle Ground: The Key to Improvement

Words are such a profound way of communication. When certain people speak or tweet, the world will go ballistic in response. I, as a writer, crave this power; the power to cause a ripple in time with the mere use of words. I yearn to possess the ability not to start a war, but to…

Before it’s too late…

Whenever my dad takes a trip down memory lane to share a story about his father or his brother, I ask God why I couldn’t have been there, or why they aren’t here now. People envy others who have what they don’t, who get opportunities they were never offered. I grow disgustingly jealous at those…

Pain is Not Beauty: My Experience with Box Braids

The day had finally arrived. It was July 30th, the Saturday I was scheduled to get my box braids. Ever since I decided to chop off my curls, I’ve had this desire for length, for hair to manipulate and style and play with again. Box braids seemed like the obvious, no-brainer. They last you a…

Finding Your Purpose in This Life

The what-ifs, ands, buts, and whys start when you’re only learning to talk. They’re seemingly irritating, at times just redundant and unnecessary, but those who continue to question the world and all of its inexplicable phenomena are those who will forever grow, forever live on, and forever inspire.
I am not afraid to speak my mind, to question the things I do not know or have trouble understanding. I do not coward at the consequence of curiosity, for it did kill the cat, but what is this life worth if you cannot live on even after you are really gone? Take the risk everyone else is hesitant to take and discover things no one else yet has.

Being A Woman Today.

We’ve come a long way, but the journey as only just begun. Take a look at how recently women have received the right to vote, how we are still not capable of getting any position we want, no matter how rigorously we work to attain it, and how we endure disgusting comments and stares for wearing clothes we feel good in, yet it was never an issue for a man to walk around in nothing but his boxers. We still seek equality and respect, lets brace ourselves for the fight ahead.

Look at Our World

If you can’t love someone anymore over a choice you cannot change,
then you do not deserve their love
being gay, genderless, colored,
it is not strange,
but if you disagree,
then reevaluate…rearrange.

Lies make Lone Wolves

Now, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, because if you don’t mean it, or it isn’t true, then it doesn’t really matter. To make a broken promise, hand out an insincere compliment, or falsely confess your love would be a crime more sinister than a painful truth. I hope you…

“…love finds you when you least expect it.”

“Life happens when you’re busy planning other things. And love finds you when you least expect it.” – My Dad
This is a little dip into the pool of my views on “love” and the importance of realizing it no matter where it comes from. Love is unexpected.