Finding Your Purpose in This Life

The what-ifs, ands, buts, and whys start when you’re only learning to talk. They’re seemingly irritating, at times just redundant and unnecessary, but those who continue to question the world and all of its inexplicable phenomena are those who will forever grow, forever live on, and forever inspire.
I am not afraid to speak my mind, to question the things I do not know or have trouble understanding. I do not coward at the consequence of curiosity, for it did kill the cat, but what is this life worth if you cannot live on even after you are really gone? Take the risk everyone else is hesitant to take and discover things no one else yet has.

Being A Woman Today.

We’ve come a long way, but the journey as only just begun. Take a look at how recently women have received the right to vote, how we are still not capable of getting any position we want, no matter how rigorously we work to attain it, and how we endure disgusting comments and stares for wearing clothes we feel good in, yet it was never an issue for a man to walk around in nothing but his boxers. We still seek equality and respect, lets brace ourselves for the fight ahead.

Look at Our World

If you can’t love someone anymore over a choice you cannot change,
then you do not deserve their love
being gay, genderless, colored,
it is not strange,
but if you disagree,
then reevaluate…rearrange.

Friends (not) 4 Sale

You lose your trust in someone because they’ve walked out with it. Or maybe they’ve thrown it away as it no longer has value to them. And of course, you would believe you had just misplaced that trust. Little did you know…

Lies make Lone Wolves

Now, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, because if you don’t mean it, or it isn’t true, then it doesn’t really matter. To make a broken promise, hand out an insincere compliment, or falsely confess your love would be a crime more sinister than a painful truth. I hope you…

“…love finds you when you least expect it.”

“Life happens when you’re busy planning other things. And love finds you when you least expect it.” – My Dad
This is a little dip into the pool of my views on “love” and the importance of realizing it no matter where it comes from. Love is unexpected.

Conformity. I am just a number.

To get to a point of understanding, at the most, we most learn to view things from another person’s world. Not their shoes, or their eyes, but their world. We are not just statistics, numbers, variables in some twisted equation. We are people. Individuality has been seen guilty for dividing us, but I’d bet my life that it’ll be a major tool in bringing this country together if we just learned how to properly utilize it.

Loving an attractive mind

There lies an intricate beauty within the shades and gloss of one’s eyes. The brilliant tone of white upon a row of straightened teeth has been known to stun a crowd. But, there is one feature of the living that we do not get to indulge in with a mere glance: the mind. The mind,…

The Santa Clause of Breast Cancer?

Paulette Leaphart was on a mission to let breast cancer survivors and fighters know that they can remain confident in their still-beautiful bodies. The issue that later arose was Paulette’s motive. Her past insisted that the entire movement was a scam to financially support herself. Is it true? If it is true, does it really matter?


“It’s tough being separated from the ones you love.
The intensity of the pain tends to be associated with numerous factors, but the most influential seems to be none other than the way in which you were separated from them.
This is the story on why I no longer live with my mother.
This is the story on how we got separated.” I promise there’s a purpose to everything I say, and I promise there’s a happy ending. Sorry to all the sadists out there looking for pain to feed off of.

Make Valentine’s Day Suck Less

Valentine’s Day is a time for us to show our appreciation and admiration for others, but for some people, we just have to remember to show ourselves a little love. Here are a few ways to do that! ❤

So You Wanna Go Veggie?

I did a post earlier this year on why I am a vegetarian and  how I was impacted by this change. You can view that article here. This article here was kindly requested by a friend who was interested in knowing how I started and how going vegetarian impacts the issue of animal cruelty. I was very…