Look at Our World

If you can’t love someone anymore over a choice you cannot change,
then you do not deserve their love
being gay, genderless, colored,
it is not strange,
but if you disagree,
then reevaluate…rearrange.


LGBT series: part two (coming out)

Coming out can be, and is, a very scary thing to some and I wanted to share some links, videos, and apps that I thought could lighten the load. I hope they are of some assistance to you or someone you know. ‚̧

LGBT series: part one

This is officially the first part of my LGBT series, and I can’t express the excitement surging through me as I type! I chose now to start this¬†because many individuals who identify with this group are suffering an uncomfortable amount of fear; if you haven’t heard, Donald Trump is our new president. This man has…