The Lens Problem

“Two people can look at the very same event and interpret it very differently, because they view it through their own lenses of knowledge, experience, beliefs, attitudes, and intentions.” – Nicholas Epley, Mindwise


What’s the Hype With Adventure Time?

This show has contributed to not only hours of entertainment, but it has also contributed to the person I am today. I used to view cartoons in general as a waste of valuable time until I began investing much of mine into Adventure Time. You manage to find a little bit of yourself in each of the characters and from there on, everything becomes more realistic and relatable. We all need something to feel connected to, something to relate with, and I think for me, that thing was the adventures of Finn and Jake.

Animal Farm By George Orwell: Analysis and Connections

Animal farm by George Orwell was intended to be a politically informative book, from my understanding. Not being big on politics myself, I attempted to search for other morals and themes while reading, and I did just that. I present: my connections and analysis of Animal Farm.