This is important + fundraiser update(edited)

This felt like the right time to fully clarify why it is that I am doing this fundraiser. This is important to me, and I hope after reading this it’ll be of some importance to you.

Why Are We Not Angry?!

This the 21st century. We still have slavery, unwanted arranged marriages, a racist president, marches for women’s’ rights, walls trying to be built, kids without access to basic necessities or education, animals still being abused for our entertainment, fathers still paying child support even with full custody of their kids, and the natives are still fighting to protect a land they have lived on and loved for so long.
Child support payments and slavery may seem like they belong on two different spectrums, but every act listed is an act of injustice.

So You Wanna Go Veggie?

I did a post earlier this year on why I am a vegetarian and  how I was impacted by this change. You can view that article here. This article here was kindly requested by a friend who was interested in knowing how I started and how going vegetarian impacts the issue of animal cruelty. I was very…