I’ll make it quick, short, simple, and to the point, but do not expect much of anything to be sweet.
The human race is known for what it can do: what we can do to one another, what we’re capable of doing to ourselves…
The human race is not the only species that can perform from both ends of the spectrum of extremes. Many insects and animals learn to adapt to new environments, change color, develop multiple patterns, and/or adopt the behaviors and appearance of those similar to another species to jeopardize the survival of another organism, but what is the overall goal of such manipulation for us? The primary task at hand is to watch out for you and yours, ensure your survival, and worry about your priorities before anything else…or anyone else.
Whether it be murder, a smug fib, theft, or a basic, yet conniving mind game, we do what we feel we have to do over what we feel is the right thing to do sometimes to protect something personal. We were born to be selfish, to worry about our own needs. The issue we have with manipulation though is that we have managed to manipulate manipulation.
What once was intended to get us food and shelter is now being used to pull off financial scams, get your dollar back from the vending machine to earn a free snack, getting someone else to do your work for you while you take that “well deserved” break. We blackmail, we find loop holes, we formulate the most intricate web of lies to avoid the smallest inconveniences.
We manipulate not because we actually have to anymore, but because we’ve grown too lazy to face things head on, to do things for ourselves, and to face the consequences of our own actions.
Answer this: when is the last time you made an “executive decision“, a decision that wasn’t influenced by someone else or one that wasn’t manipulated by emotion, but a decision that was made with the expectation of having the best results as opposed to any other options? Because in a matter of life or death, right or wrong, or just merely left or right, one decision has the capability to change lives and reinvent futures.
Think about how often your choices are MANipulated by others. Was it the time you were bribed a measly $5 to keep shut about something you weren’t supposed to see? Or did you go with company A because they talked a big game, but talked a bit too much and tricked you into missing the fine print? Maybe you overfed your fish because you FELT bad about only feeding him three pellets a day even though you were directed to only provide him with such. We get bribed, persuaded with big words and false promises, and we make decisions that hurt ourselves because we let our feelings take over where reason should have.
This is not a lecture, a scolding, or a shaming…this is manipulation, the kind you read every day.
I am only going to put thoughts in your head and it is up to you to decide what you do with those thoughts. We let words hitch rides on our trains of thoughts constantly and when they bother us enough, we’ll do things and make choices to get them off our backs. Then, we live life and continue the cycle of input and output. In goes a thought, an idea, and out comes the choices you make to respond to or control your current circumstance.
Just remember we have the power to manipulate, but use it wisely. We lose people’s trust every day, we choose to lie to the wrong people, trick the wrong victims. We do what we feel we have to, but if we use reason and common sense more often, we can retire the excuse “I felt I was doing the right thing.” We know right from wrong, and if and when we want to do the correct thing, we will.
We as everyday people complain we do not have enough power, our voice is not loud enough, our efforts are not worth enough, but then we fear those who have power and abuse it.
I am saying this: if those with power can abuse it so disturbingly, imagine what the everyday individual would do with an equal amount of privilege. I am all for giving power to the people, but I suggest we learn to control our power now before we are given a voice loud enough to shake the entire world.
We have the power of manipulation and with that alone, we destroy viciously.

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