Being A Woman Today.

I love that I see plus size, curvy women modeling clothes, their pictures plastered on store windows for the world to admire.
I love that having an afro, braids, kinks, coils, and curls is more so idolized than bashed.
I admire the bravery we’ve accumulated over the years to stand up to some of the world’s most wealthy, powerful, and influential figures, no matter how insignificant we appeared in comparison, to voice our concerns and seek justice.
I’m at a loss for words when I see females, nonbinaries, transgenders and people of all types be validated and accepted as they are, and taken seriously in their position of success in whatever field they dwell in.
I cringe at any sequence of words that still insinuates that the female species is of any less importance, possesses any less potential, or is incapable of doing an equally decent, if not better job at anything a man can do.
I tear up at the lesser pay, the underestimations, the perverted stares, and the inexcusable comments made towards females in many workplaces today.
I sit silently in disappointment at the constant aggression and hate females throw at other females, especially since we need one another to relate to and confide in. It’s like watching bullied kids bully each other instead of helping one another.
I’ve grown irritated at how sexualized the female body has become. Too much skin is not taken lightly and is rather taken as some pass to make degrading remarks and physically assault people. Male and females are victims of this, and it shouldn’t have ever gotten this far.
We can not even go to school in spaghetti straps because that shows too much skin. I have been questioned for wearing a sports bra around my own home at times even though I’ve seen male family members in nothing but their boxers as though lounging around in your bottoms is okay, but wearing shorts and a sports bra was ridiculously inappropriate of me.


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There will, for some time, remain an equality amongst us all, whether it be because of our gender, religion, ethnicity, or age, we will be both excluded and targeted.
I am just as lost as everyone else when it pertains to the future of this world and how we treat one another in it. I can only continue to give my two cents and wait for yours in return. I have recently been working on bettering myself and my health so I feel good about the person I am regardless of any criticism I receive in the future. I encourage everyone to do the same. Give out a couple compliments each day to both the people you encounter and yourself. Fill yourself with nutritious foods, good vibes, and partake in the activities that bring you joy. When you’re happy and you feel good, that should be more than enough. Not everyone is kind, but if you remain so, you will help make this world a little better to live in. #doyourpart




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  1. Strong words..then what is your opinion why women’s clothing is such an issue right now …even Ivanka has taken grief for baring her shoulders…and a female reporter was barred because her upper arms were showing so with phamplets she fashioned sleeves but still they wouldn’t let her in. How do we get the men to stop being idiots?

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  2. A lot of people like to point to the Bible for answers, out of respect for the diversity of belief I try to avoid so, but for those who claim to be very religious and followers of God, we can easily take it back to Adam and Eve and rant about how they were born nude and only felt ashamed of being so after being manipulated by the devil himself. But today if women embrace their skin, we’re asking for attention, we’re disgusting. But it is merely skin and we should be able to feel comfortable in it. I do not and can not comprehend the issue with showing some leg or even wearing a tank top and letting your arms breathe. They are body parts! They are not sexual, they should not be sexualized, and they should not be shamed when shown. I will never have the answer as to how to change people’s opinions, but all I can suggest is we raise these next generations to do things better.

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  3. Hi I never thougnt of the ideas you talked about…even Adam and Eve. and “embracing our skin. but when did our shoulders become a sexual part? Is this a backlash also because of the sexual harrassment suits? It also seems when women move forward ( the idea of a woman President ) we slide backwards on stupid stuff.and the idea that if Pences wife isn’t there at a meeting then no women -it’s the old boys club again. Decisions are being made without women being there which is also dangerous. Why these men can’t evolve while we have to -to survive drives me crazy sometimes.Thanks for getting back to me -I’m going to share your answer with my 23 year old.good discussions ahead. Have a nice weekend. Therese


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