Lies make Lone Wolves

Now, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it,
because if you don’t mean it, or it isn’t true,
then it doesn’t really matter.
To make a broken promise, hand out an insincere compliment, or falsely confess your love would be a crime more sinister than a painful truth.
I hope you know how selfish you are to play with someone’s emotions in such a manner.
You lie to individuals much like yourself:
looking for someone to trust, to love, to be loved by,
and you swooped in pretending to be that someone.
Now, see, this is what has formulated the idea of the lone wolf,
this is the kind of foolery that molds an entire generation of lone wolves.
we shut one another out.
We stop seeking help when we need it.
We stop offering it.
things get rough,
we begin to feel…alone,
and we turn to danger for comfort, pain-inducers for a reminder, killer substances for termination.
When you give people a reason to stop trusting you, they most likely will.
When you hurt people to find insignificant answers for yourself, you’ve just admitted you value your own happiness and well-being over theirs,
and when you start making promises you can’t…you won’t keep,
you start building bridges that are only destined to burn.


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  1. Another wake up call.

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