This is important + fundraiser update(edited)

After a good while, I began thinking of ways to get people to really understand how important this fundraiser is to me. Yes, I love animals and it only makes sense I would choose to support a cause that goes above and beyond for them, but why PETA? Why should any of you care? Please, hear me out.
PETA has worked globally to change animal rights laws, to pull animals from pet stores, out of bad environments like circuses, roadside attractions, and tourist hot spots. PETA realizes and values the individual in each and every animal and has gone so far with their work that they recently started receiving death threats by those who don’t agree with their efforts. Yes, these workers have pushed boundaries and have gone so far as to put their own lives on the line to save another.
Writing is extremely important to me. I struggled to find a career I would want to stick with, something I found pure joy and comfort in, and time after time I came back to pen and paper. I’ve also always been fond of being independent, creating something of my own from nothing, and developing a cause that would not only satisfy my needs financially and mentally but something that was going to change somebody else’s life in the process.
Having the opportunity to design and sell shirts with my blog name on them was crazy in itself, but to have people support me and encourage what I’m doing was beyond anything I could have asked for. But, as time ticks, I realize the chances of selling enough shirts and getting donations is fairly slim. I do not have a large following on my social media, nor do many people have the time or money to buy a shirt and make a donation by the end of this month, so I ask this of you:
PETA is currently having a gift-matching event going on that lasts this month only. Whatever we donate before the end of this month will be doubled! I sincerely and truly would like you to donate what you can, whether that be a dollar or 10. These shirts are a personal symbol. They are very important to me, and it means everything to have others wear them and support my writing, but they will be around for quite some time…this fundraiser, however, will not be.
Please, click here, check out the fundraiser, and make a donation of any amount. To prove I am serious about this fundraiser, I will personally order a second shirt for you, if you give a donation of at least $5. Screenshot your donation after it has been completed, send it to me through any form, and put in your request including your size and color choice.
I would like to sell 9 more shirts before the end of this month, but it means a bit more to me that we support such an organization that has worked year after year to make this world a better place for animals. Thank you all so much for your constant encouragement, your ideas, your input, and your love.
*a minimum of 11 shirts must be sold by the 30th for the order to be printed and sent out to all who ordered. If the minimum is not met, all who ordered will be refunded and the shirts will not be received, but all donations made separate from shirt purchases will still be sent to PETA. This is why it is more important that you make a donation if you can. Shirts will continue to be sold after the fundraiser is over, but if you can purchase one now to help me reach the goal of 11, then by all means, please do.

EDIT: A shirt must be purchased to make a donation, but if you can make a donation of at least $5 with your purchase, I will send you any shirt of your choice free of charge. Just screenshot your donation after it has been confirmed, send it to me any way you know how, and put in your request for your second shirt.


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