Conformity. I am just a number.

I’m a bit out of touch with reality.
scratch that.
I’m a bit out of touch with myself.
I am no longer a human.
My worth is based off numbers and statistics and biased research.
My opinions are now too personal to count.
my 2 cents are no longer a valid form of payment, and my ideas lack individuality to such an extent that it’s criminal to even claim them as my own.
my breath’s pattern is but a common one – my eyes looked through, into, past a thousand times over.

I am but one girl, one person…I am but one number in the equation representing our world. That number so small, so insignificant, one may hardly consider it at all.
When you’re 13 and you’re in middle school, being popular means you’re on top of the world, the peasants of your town bow at your feet for validation, and anyone and everything is yours upon request. But as soon as you’re removed from the played out hell scenario that is school, you realize that your boy drama, and that group of girls who didn’t like you are NOTHING. Everything, when looked at on it’s lonesome, seems nearly insubstantial.
When you realize this, you realize that the only things that matter in this world are those that matter to YOU.
Your family, circle of friends, hobbies, your career, pets, diet, skin care, TV shows… The things you hold near and dear ultimately mean nothing to someone else.
We live in a world as one, the same world at that, with the same oceans, trees, air, sky, and stars, but within this world is a multitude of smaller ones. Every mind determines what and who are the stars in their skies, what makes their world go round, what keeps their gears spinning. Each of us has pet peeves, OCDs, mental instabilities, weaknesses, and hormonal imbalances that just add tiny inconveniences into our days. But, they add up, and soon so that that day qualifies as a bad one. Someone who may have even accompanied you that same day could arguably qualify the day was a great one based on the happenings within their own world.
My Point:
No one’s going to care about your cause unless you give them a reason to, right?

Someone allergic to peanuts typically isn’t going to purchase peanut butter cookies from you.

A mother who lost her child to a disease is more likely to be informed about the disease and make preventative steps towards it.
Who we are, what we love, what we care about, and what we do is a mold. It is a unique mold. I cannot stress this enough. Once we understand that politics is someone’s world, knitting is someone’s career, writing is something someone can’t live without doing, or even that eating with the fork on the left hand side is mandatory at dinner in someone’s world, then we will understand that the key to unity, to getting on the same page is to visit the many other worlds around you. Figure out what makes them tick. Once you understand something, it’s easier to control or work with. it 
You can’t win a vote, change an opinion, or sell a product if you don’t pull that mental trigger, power the bulb of comprehension and compassion needed to want to accept and conform with someone else’s ideas.



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