Lilian and Jean ( short poem)

Smooth, hazel eyes, sly, seductive smile, your swift, slinky walk, they all beg me to stay a while
Your tongue glides over your lips, your fingers fumble with mine, you ask, do not pressure, if I’d like another glass of wine
We’re young and it’s late, food still untouched as I look over at your plate
The night has grown old, but our passion more bold
not a button is touched, not a zipper undone,
but I surrender to you and you to I as you pull me closer and we see eye to eye
For there is no other place I’d rather be than here in your arms on this boat in this sea
Take us away to a place meant for 2,
to a place designed for just me and you
where the waters are clear enough for all to see
the stiff, lifeless bodies of Lilian and Jean.

(Dark, slightly confusing, and mischievous…I’m back!)

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