Loving an attractive mind

There lies an intricate beauty within the shades and gloss of one’s eyes.
The brilliant tone of white upon a row of straightened teeth has been known to stun a crowd.
But, there is one feature of the living that we do not get to indulge in with a mere glance: the mind.
The mind, like any physical feature, will vary fairly drastically amongst every individual. You will find yourself lost in a maze of painful backstories, seemingly unreal, yet traumatic personal experiences, and bad karma when you familiarize yourself with the minds of some. Others are crammed with the many quotes of world renown philosophers and authors, the transcendentalist code, the radical principles of the educated soul who is well aware of their rights and loves to use extensive reasoning to back all of their decisions.
I find the mind to be the most attractive asset overall.
The upsetting issue with the mind, though, is that it can easily be overlooked, blurred out, masked.
One’s appearance can easily cause their mind to be overlooked, their personality assumed, and the chance to make an intentional impression is shattered.
Being involved in or known for pursuing even just a single detrimental predicament can also result in a predetermined bias.

Image result for an creative mind


What I’m trying to say is simple:
One’s mind can be extraordinarily ravishing, a maze-like exploit, or even a fiendish plot with intentions of harm and defile. There are so many biological and psychological components as to why we do, say, act, etc. in the manner that we do.
Millennials are sort of torn at the moment between how important physical presentation is in regards to choosing a “suitable mate”. I have seen the well-groomed, college professor type individuals in relationships with the laid back, California babe. I’ve also seen interracial relationships, women taller than their boyfriends, couples draped in designer clothes, one person in the relationship bedazzled and the other a little less so.
It astonishes me how far this world is coming in terms of seeing one another as human beings with value and content of some sort to offer. Yes, I acknowledge, and never will there be a moment when I do not, the injustice and impurities of our society and the ways in which we treat one another, but you can not only look at what there is; look at what we are becoming, the direction we are moving in, and what lies ahead.
If you find a miraculous mind that is not popular due to their physical stature, do not be the fool who gave it up for someone with more affluence and less personality and intellect.
Meeting someone in a library, a rock concert, a cooking class, an art gallery, an album shop, a bakery, or even on a random vacation is one of the safest ways to guarantee that this person has substance, interests of similarity to your own, an adventurous outlook, and/or an eye for possibility.
Sure the internet is filled with the shy, yet interesting people who find comfort in stock photo profile pics and layers of filters, but following the movement of one’s lips, peering into their deeper thoughts through nonverbal cues, and physically experiencing the conversation is what  really allows us to decide if this mind is one we would like to invest time into.
Find a beautiful mind, indulge in it, admire it, deconstruct and study it. Do not let a scrubby beard, a thick pair of glasses, an expressive tie, or something as natural as acne drift you away from the rarity of an alluring mind.
If you are willingly capable of letting such a gift free from your grasps, then I would bet your own mind has suffered Eurocentric poisoning and is upon those that have little left to offer besides what any other slightly rational mind could. Being able to offer the bare minimum is no longer the hottest quality in a partner, so I suggest you reevaluate how important an attractive mind is.


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