You Can’t ‘Legally’ Drive without the Keys. (Poem)

how can anyone feel okay after they’ve

done something like ripping you away from me?

I don’t understand it, but they demand it, and all I can do is plead.

It was all so perfect, and the fight was worth it

but no one seen what we seen.

Every second without you was a second with bad news

I wanted you here with me

and I don’t understand it, where did I go wrong?

Why must they push you away

I have no one to talk to, no one to get me through

those lonely nights

but I suppose its all alright

cause one day you’ll hold me tight and you’ll be there every night

but right now you’re not here

and you may not be for awhile

and right now you’re not right here

when’s the next time ill see you smile?

Its been awhile

but I’m not letting go

but I’m slowly losing control

you’ll forever have this hold

on me

you’ll forever have my heart,

you see

there’s no one else I trust to be

so close to me

It’s getting hard to breathe when you’re not here

it’s really hard to steer without your gears

so baby I ain’t going nowhere

I’ll be waiting I swear

the moment you come back to me,

Ill be here with open arms

The moment that they set you free,

we’ll leave



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