What’s the Hype With Adventure Time?

Adventure Time is, in the basics, an animated television series created by the extravagant Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. If you’ve read any descriptions or reviews about the series, you’ve probably heard its the “adventures of a boy and his magical dog.” Adventure Time is so much more.

The two main characters are Finn, a crime fighting teen, and “his dog”/ adoptive brother Jake, a shape shifting dog who talks, acts, and feels like any human being would.

The show takes place in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. There are numerous lands including the Grass lands, The Candy Kingdom, The Slime Kingdom, The Fire Kingdom, and many other variations of land that Finn and Jake have yet to explore.

Adventure Time’s exclusive plots and storyline is only one of the reasons for it’s 3 million + viewers. There is an extensive range of variation in the characters and their lives. Finn, for instance, is a teenage boy who was found by a crime-fighting couple of dogs who are revealed to be Jake the Dog’s parents. They adopt Finn making Finn and Jake adoptive brothers. They don’t see it this way. In their eyes, they are brothers and since they were babies, they have had a bond like no other. Finn has lived much of his life surrounded by mystical creatures and non-human entities. He has wondered about his parents and origins for much of the series. Recently many, many questions are answered.

Adventure Time’s animations, soundtrack, and humor are definitely elements that could attract an audience of a wide range of ages, genders, religions, and races. The show is far from typical.

The two main characters happen to be male, but don’t let this distance you from the show’s true intentions. There are princesses who also happen to be scientists, and physically small bodies of unknown species that use intellect to conquer larger groups. There are cases of adoptive and extended families, as we see with our main characters. We get to watch the characters learn, grow, develop, feel, hurt, love, and change both physically and mentally.

As you become more invested in the show, you may just very well begin to feel connections with the surely fictional, yet realistic entities we call cartoon characters. Finn, as I’ve mentioned, is a human, teenaged boy. He falls in and out of love throughout the seasons while also trying to balance his voluntary efforts as a crime fighter. Finn lives in a treehouse with his lively game system/ son-like console,BMO, and his adoptive brother Jake.

Okay, so this doesn’t seem very relatable. A teen boy living with a dog and a game console in a treehouse in a post-apocalyptic land, but dig a little deeper.

The show is very investment-worthy. I won’t spill the MIND BLOWING details of what is happening and what has happened in terms of their recent discoveries, but I will tell you this because this is older news: (If you don’t want a spoiler of any kind, then feel free to skip the next few paragraphs.)

Jake the dog had a mom, dad, and blood brother name Jermaine. His parents passed due to reasons us viewers have yet to uncover. Jakes parents found Finn seemingly alone as a baby and took him under their “wings.” Jake’s parents were crime fighters and as we know, Jake and Finn grow up to be defenders of all in need. Finn is living amongst magical creatures, wizards, evil spirits, princesses, animals, gods, devils, and the unknown. He has always been adamant about discovering his origins and what has become of the restof the humans and his real parents. (I’m fan-girling so hard right now and I want to just sum up the entire series up to this point, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide on whether or not you want to invest your time into this “mathematical” adventure.) Finn has been following clues, uncovering other characters’ back stories, and linking events and facts to his own past. Though Finn and Jake are the main characters, we become attached to other characters whose appearance and storyline become more relevant to the entire plot. We learn how kingdoms were formed, how one war destroyed and created what we see today, and how characters in other realms are much more related than one would have ever imagined. It’s enticing, exciting, thrilling, confusing, magical, action-packed, emotional, relatable, heart-warming, heart-breaking, and all around entertaining.

Finn and Jake are nowhere near perfect, though. They don’t always do the right thing, and they can’t always help everyone. This is one factor of the show that makes it relatable to most. Finn really is just a human and tries his best to do right by all even without the guidance of parents. He fends for himself and his family. Though his family is not typical, he loves and cares for them all the same.

Finn and Jake have been in countless, near-death experiences and have risked their lives for one another, their friends, their enemies, and  characters they’ve never even met.

I personally find it spectacular how a child who has been through and lost so much is capable of loving, fighting, and caring for anyone. Even Jake is no force to be reckoned with. His shape shifting abilities are thanks to a monster who bit his dad. Jake popped out his dad’s head with the magical abilities he’s known for today. Though this sounds cool, we see Jake get attacked and ridiculed for his gift. Many groups have shamed him for this unique ability and have attempted to kill or imprison him because of it. As mentioned earlier, Jake lost his parents to reasons we have yet to discover, and so like Finn, he has moments of exquisite pain and longing to see his parents again. Jake has many unanswered questions even though he knew his biological parents longer than Finn knew his. Jake’s biological brother, Jermaine, has been seen scarcely in the first few seasons of the show, but has not been a major constituent of Jake’s life. And with this information, we can now understand why the brotherly bond between our two heroines is as powerful as it is. The two have sworn to protect all in need and they attempt to do right at all times even when doing the right thing would appear to end terribly wrong for them.

Many would argue that the cartoon as a unit is entirely childish and unsettling, but if you compared the actions and lives of the characters to those of reality, we would find sharp comparisons. For instance:

Jake seems to be a puppy at heart, but if you looked a little deeper into the realm of his reality, you’d make some astonishing discoveries.

Jake has a wife named Lady Rainicorn. She is a lengthy unicorn-resembling creature with an assortment of colors, hence the name Rainicorn (unicorn and rainbow). The two of them have had 5 kids together who have already grown up and some even had kids of their own making Jake both a father and granddad. Jake has struggled to relate to his kids just like many fathers struggle to do. His kids have all grown and moved out, except for one. Last I’ve seen, one child still lives with Lady Rainicorn, yet all of them are grown.

I am tempted to reveal everyone’s stories, motives, adventures, and present happenings, but I will restrain.  I just thought I would pay tribute to a show that is very well loved, but is also harshly criticized by many who haven’t taken the time to fully understand it and the characters. What I have presented to you today is nothing but the basics. This show branches off into worlds and adventures I could do no justice for with the mere assistance of my babbling. The explorations and discoveries sometimes appear to be targeted for a mature audience, and other times it seems created for groups none other than one as specified as ten year olds. I promise this series has no specific target and the events that occur can be relatable no matter whom you are. You learn lessons you never thought you could from an animation and you’re told stories of such a unique essence it’ll blow your mind.

Not every episode is complicated, intense, or even emotional. Some episodes are seemingly created just for humorous purposes. Others will make no sense unless you are informed on the happenings of previous ones. There is a small percentage of predictability which is another attribute I hold a dear admiration for.

This series has been confirmed to end in 2018. There are rumors going around that Pendleton Ward, the creator, has been working with a number of others on an actual Adventure Time movie. I am pretty upset that this will be the last full year of Adventure Time’s expansion, but I plan on continuing my purchases of the complete 9 seasons, when the ninth is actually produced, and the purchase of the many comics, merchandise, activity books, and figurines when I can.

This show has contributed to not only hours of entertainment, but it has also contributed to the person I am today. I used to view cartoons in general as a waste of valuable time until I began investing much of mine into Adventure Time. You manage to find a little bit of yourself in each of the characters and from there on, everything becomes more realistic and relatable. We all need something to feel connected to, something to relate with, and I think for me, that thing was the adventures of Finn and Jake.


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