There’s a war.

There’s violence, screaming, crying, blood, fear, regret, anger and an abundance of hatred. Its chaotic and it all takes place in my mind.

This is a continuous war. Of course there’s breaks. There are moments where the war calms and everyone takes a breather.

That doesn’t last long, though. In a heart beat the war progresses and nothing has changed.

You’ve been fighting for so long and you’ve seen so much that its nothing new; its no longer a threat.

You reach this point where you’re only fighting because that’s what you’ve been told to do.

That’s all I was doing before you came into my life, just doing what I thought I had to.

You’re this part in my day that isn’t war. You’re the long break and piece of happiness my day lacks much too often.

You’re the only reason I fear war; you’re the reason I view it as a threat again.

If I quit fighting I die, metaphorically speaking. I’m just another person in the world without purpose.

I feel like I have to fight and keep going because now I have someone to fight for.

They say you can’t truly love another until you’ve “learned” to love yourself. I’d like to call your bluff. Sometimes you love someone else so much you’re willing to fight their war for them. You have no concern for your own safety; your well-being was never even a seed in the dirt when you began fighting this person’s battles.

I know what love is. I’ve felt it, I’ve fought it, rejected it, lost it, found it, and returned it. It’s not the exchange of gifts or the occasional “how are you doing? I wanna know ’cause I care about you” text message.

Love is putting your happiness aside, making sacrifices, and risking your well being to ensure that other person is happy and safe.

I’m exhausted from reading the numerous posts about how people aren’t “about that love sh*t” and how all “guys/girls are the same.” Grow up!

We live in a world with over 7 billion people. There are people with careers and jobs ranging from garbage men to doctors. There are people without parents and people with extended families. There are countless languages, numerous nationalities, and various religions. There are rock and roll lovers, jazz lovers, and just general lovers of music. There are individuals who love the outdoors and others who would never leave the comfort of their home if they didn’t have to.

This world is not as ugly as we choose to believe it is. We are so caught up in sharp jaw lines and colored eyes that we forget that people need to have beautiful insides to be truly attractive.

Go out into the world with your head up and your heart, not on your sleeve, but in your front pocket. Let people in when it feels right to and love whole heartedly whenever you decide to love.

The person you think is your forever may very well not be.

That doesn’t mean you love them any less. If you’re going to love, then love with all your heart.

You think it’s risky because your feelings may get hurt and this person may end up doing you wrong, but get over it.

You’ve been hurt before because your ex was interacting with the opposite sex… BOO HOO. They didn’t deserve the love you unselfishly shared with them and it may suck that they got it from you anyway, but life is full of injustice.

The key to demolishing injustice is to do something about it.

Pettiness is another issue I plan on blabbering about in the future, by the way.


I have had hours of debate with myself regarding how I feel about certain people and the results are continuously altering.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my constant debates signify my lack of…everything for these people. Love is never an action that requires a concrete base of intellect. Love is a feeling that portrays itself through actions that require nothing but will.

That’s where the war comes in. We’re all shedding blood and tears on a daily to fight for our sanity. Love, to me, is that action of sacrificing yourself by partaking in a war that isn’t your own.

(source of image: http://www.popphoto.com/sites/popphoto.com/files/import/2011/files/_images/201106/gettyimages_102162520_1_0.jpg)


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