“No individual is an Island”

You are not an island. No matter how alone you feel, you are always influencing someone else’s life and someone else is affecting yours. “No individual is an island.”

The things we say are just as painful as the things we didn’t say. What you say can and will impact others.

The continuous broken promises hurt just as bad as never making a promise at all; it hurts to feel like you’re a temporary factor to another person’s life.

The people we love aren’t always loved by many others, and it’s up to us to decide on whether we wish to follow the crowd or follow our hearts.

What does that mean exactly? How does one listen to a muscle?

I don’t prefer to use the term “follow your heart” because I can’t recall a time I’ve ever done so. Why would I recommend something I have yet to try for myself? I wouldn’t.

I thought logic was becoming popular. I think it would make more sense to follow through with the decisions your brain makes . Maybe that boy was bad for you, but your “heart” said he loves you in a way like no other and no matter how mean he can be, you refuse to abandon him. Listen to your brain. Your brain should have the capacity to know that anyone who does you harm is not anyone worth keeping around.

I’m rambling.

I was saying….you are not an island.

Sometimes words fly out of my mouth. This usually only happens when I am in this numb state. I say whatever I want because in that moment, I know whatever response I receive will fail to phase me. In these moments, I forget what I speak will cling to others for eternity.

Everything you say is effective. It may not effect you, but it is effective.

Like I said, your brain is where the logical decisions are produced. Listen to it, not your heart, in  moments of dire need.

Verbal and nonverbal communication.

According to cod.edu, 55% of all communication is nonverbal. The way you say what you say, how you act, your facial expressions, your posture, your lack of eye contact, the rate at which you speak, the tone of your voice…every little thing you do or don’t do is taken into account. Every little thing you do or don’t do is going to affect those around you.

Never forget, you are not an island. No matter how isolated you feel, their is life surrounding you. It doesn’t matter if you spend 90% of your day alone, your absence affects someone in some way.

Think before you do and think about the things you’re not doing.

Be considerate, even in those moments when all seems numb.

Consider, do and don’t, realize, notice, and make a change.



Source of image: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=SFdSW87Q&id=2F531D2430E4891D81FDF6AC95772941BF33714F&q=no+one+individual+is+an+island&simid=608026100426082004&selectedIndex=6


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  1. jilldennison says:

    What you say makes so much sense, as you always do! Following this advice is sometimes more difficult, but you are definitely spot on in what you say. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! I believe the simplest reminders can often improve the quality of life most dramatically.

    Liked by 1 person

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