Uninvited Love: A short, painful story

This is going to be a short story.
This is going to be a real story.
This is going to hurt.
There was this girl. This girl believed in the wives tales of second chances, every guy is really a nice guy, and give everyone a chance; get to know them before you knock them.
She gave every single guy a chance. Almost every single one of those buffoons did her wrong.
It’s funny, or so she thought, that almost all of them used her as a sort of backup, like a rebound.
They all had other girls they were head over heels in love with before they had even laid eyes on her, but she was either oblivious to this or did all she could, whatever it took, to try and win a competition she never should’ve entered.
This story is about the last time she let someone into her world and they ran ramped through her streets burning every wall of security, leaving her world nothing but a pile of ash.
We’ll call our subject HBG for heartbroken girl. We’ll call the devious culprit HBB for heartbroken boy.
Before you think this is a story trying to make the guy look like the evil prince Hans from Frozen, let me clarify. There are two sides to every story, and I believe it’s time we begin sharing both.
HBB was madly in love once. It was never truly clear to HBG why he cared for this other girl so strongly and passionately, but he did and she accepted that as soon as she found out.
HBB was a real charmer. He paralyzed you in your entirety with just the sound of his voice, and his words had a tone that could only ever make you feel…safe.
He was laid back. He was confident. His stunning attributes went unnoticed to the girl he loved, though, and HBB was determined to get more than just a glance; he wanted her.
Many of us know how destructive it can be to love someone for reasons unclear to ourselves. It’s toxic to go day and night with a burning sensation in your chest because all you wish to do is give someone the world…but they do not want it if it comes from you.
It sucks.
How did HBB and HBG ever cross paths?
It was a matter of one noticing the other. He saw her.
He never walked up to the girl or tried contacting her in any way before this day, but for some reason, she intrigued him rather ferociously this day. She was adorned in clothes that caressed every curve of her body, and she tried to carry herself with whatever little pride she had left that day.
This day happened to be the day…one of the days…where her heart was broken by a boy she had become extremely invested in. This story is another vitally important one, and I plan to tell it another day, but for now, we focus on this one.
She was feeling drained. She was tired of trying to impress everyone. She had skimmed through too many magazines to find what boys liked, she had changed her hair and her style to fit the liking of everyone she was involved with, and she sat quiet and pretty when a boy put her down or did her wrong.
This day…she had had enough.
HBB noticed her but did not notice the absence of her smile. He took the liberty of asking around to find HBG’s name, and he contacted her through Instagram the next day.
Of course, being that she was more vulnerable than ever, HBG gave into her old ways and listened to the ancient wives tale: give everyone a chance.
Without asking anyone about him, finding out why it was he “switched” schools, and without uncovering his true intentions, HBG let HBB in.
Kids, this is like letting a stranger into your own home and allowing them to snoop through your kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers. You don’t know much about this stranger except whatever it is they wish to show you or tell you. And even if they show or tell you anything…that doesn’t make it true.
She told him things about her family, her luck with relationships in her past, and she opened up about the bits and pieces of herself she rarely ever showed a soul.
She trusted him.
She trusted him when he said he wasn’t talking to other people.
She trusted him when he said he switched schools out of his own will.
And she trusted him when he said he wouldn’t hurt her like everyone else had.
A couple weeks had gone by. Their relationship was a matter of pictures and text messages. There had been no face to face interaction, and there has yet to be until this day. This didn’t bother him, and because it didn’t, HBG decided it shouldn’t bother her either.
More time has gone on…not much, but time is still time. In a very small amount of time, one could travel to another part of the world, kill 100,000 people, or save 200,000 lives. Time is time.
Enough time had passed for the two to decide they had real feelings for one another, feelings so strong it would be depressing to ever not have the other.
Everything seemed to be progressing rather smoothly, quickly, and all too easily. It seemed like “puppy love,” cute and harmless.
But, one day HBG was taken aback. It was during her lunch period that a few familiar faces approached her. She had seen them around school, but she had never engaged in any interactions with them. There had been no reason to.
What they had to tell her hit her like a disease. It crept up her spine, forced eerie chills, and stopped her breathing all at once.
“No, no, no”
This was all she kept thinking.
“It wasn’t serious anyway”
That was how she responded.
The nameless faces had told her about the girl HBB was in love with.
They told her how he no longer attended their school because of things I will not mention.
They told her how HBB had been trying for months to get with this girl and how she just didn’t feel the same way back.
(When HBG asked HBB about this, later on, he said he didn’t give up on this girl because she never said no…she just had never said yes either, so he kept trying.)
They continued to warn HBG about the dangers ahead if she continued pursuing a relationship with him saying
“he’ll ruin your life”
“I feel so bad for you”
“he’s been talking to her the whole time he was talking to you”
“I would just block him on everything and stop talking to him.”
But HBG had never been introduced to this side of HBB…why would she just drop everything she had been so excited for?
She didn’t respond with that, though. Instead, she said it wasn’t serious anyway, she wasn’t hurt, and she would gratefully pursue their advice.
She didn’t.
At first, she blew up his phone with a recap of all the emotions she felt while receiving the news earlier that day. She spoke ill of him and swore she was terminating it all.
But…he had a way with words that could melt a woman’s heart, calm a baby’s tantrum, and put a terrifying storm to rest.
Within a matter of hours, she had forgiven him.
She listened to his painful memories, failed attempts, and the cry of his broken heart. She teared up when she discovered how deeply he cared for this other girl, and she understood how horrible he must have been feeling.
Forgive him.
For days she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t think and she couldn’t move on. There was one thing out of them all that had bothered her the most.
HBG and HBB had been talking to one another two weeks before Valentine’s Day. Love and compassion seemed like a virus if you were to look at their messages. She just wanted to be someone he was proud of.
If he wanted a picture of her in skimpy clothing, she sent it.
If he wanted to speak in a sexual tone, she engaged also.
She went out of her comfort zone to make sure he was always in his.
Wasn’t this more than enough to win him over from anyone else who could’ve wanted him? Surely he planned on doing something special for her when Valentine’s came.
HBB had been sick. So sick he canceled on HBG once when they were supposed to meet up. She didn’t expect him to show up after school and give her flowers or anything…that’d be ridiculous!
Only…it wasn’t. And this is what had been bothering  HBG most:
HBB had gone to her school that day, Valentine’s day…and he did have flowers.
They just weren’t for her.
That is what had been bothering her.
After the hours of and hours of conversation, the premature promises, the love songs, pictures, and cute little messages they exchanged, he still didn’t have his heart fully locked on HBG.
But HBG was locked on him.
HBG…you’re too soft.
HBG let anyone into her life if they asked nicely. She did whatever you wanted her to because she thought being obedient would earn her your trust and loyalty.
She still got hurt, lied to, and pushed back into second place.
HBB…you’re not ready.
HBB had strong feelings for someone who didn’t have the same response for him. When he finally realized she was not worth any more of his time, he decided he just needed to move on…
or at least this is what it seemed like.
He claims to have developed real feelings for HBG, but he still needed closure with the other girl.
Closure: this is something we need in order to finalize a relationship or just the end of something in general. You typically find closure BEFORE you go and venture off into unknown waters.
Finish reading chapter 3 before you even think about opening chapter 4.
Imagine being halfway through chapter 3 and you just give up. The plot isn’t turning out the way you want and a large portion of the vocabulary is too difficult to comprehend; you’re just ready to move on.
You move onto chapter 4. It starts off easier and the plot is now turning out the way you hoped it would.
Later on, someone asks you to summarize the story for them, but you just continuously confuse them. You skipped a large portion of a chapter and now your mistake is causing you to confuse and possibly hurt others…
HBB wasn’t ready to move on, yet he started talking to HBG. His mistake ended up hurting her in ways I cannot actually explain.
I hope someone, whomever you may be, reads this story and takes the time to correctly end their relationships. I hope you realize how devastating it is to love someone who doesn’t love you back or to love someone who loves you, yet still, has the audacity to hurt you for their own selfish good.
HBB is NOT a bad guy. He just made some bad decisions.
Think about it…
You love someone very deeply who, for some reason, just doesn’t feel the same.
Wouldn’t you feel some void eating away at you? Wouldn’t you feel like something’s missing?
HBB found the love he was craving in HBG, but he would forever have that unreturned love for the other girl.

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