1) a sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of an artistic work:
-“he brings modernistic closure to his narrative”
2) a feeling that an emotional or traumatic experience has been resolved:
-“I am desperately trying to reach closure but I don’t know how to do it without answers from him”
I find the second definition, provided by Google, to be most fitting for this article. I was recently shoved into a situation where I was partially deceived to benefit a situation; they wanted closure with someone else. I will not go into depth for I do not wish to relive the experience, but I will explain the piece about closure.
If you like someone, for instance, you may be the ballsy type to go out and make this known. You may adorn them with gifts, crappy love letters, and the heat exuding from your terrifyingly consistent presence.
If this person did not show interest in you, sparingly showed any, or committed to a relationship with you and then abandoned it spontaneously, you may be one crying out for closure.
Now, the situation I was “shoved” into was one I was initially angered by. I felt betrayed, blinded, and just all around hurt. I had been lied to and I was not savoring the feeling.
I was upset because the other party involved had been very invested in someone; they had been very continuous in coming up with ways to let this person know just how invested in them they really were. The crusher…the feeling never appeared to be mutual, yet they pushed on.
I was oblivious to this entire situation up until yesterday afternoon. I was not angered or riled up at the moment of discovery, but I was taken aback as I could have never suspected such an event was taking place right under my nose.
This morning, I awoke to the deep howling of the wolves in the wind. I opened the blinds to a sea of gray overhead. The grass performed a dance, swaying side to side with the breath of the wolves.
As I watched, I too took a deep breath, one strong enough to make the grass sway. I was relieved.
I’ve come to the conclusion I have no right to be disappointed in anyone who wants closure with someone else. I too have wanted closure many, many times in numerous, countless even, situations. I admire anyone willing to push the will of the world to have the pleasure of finalization, answers, and internal peace from closure.
To clarify the plot, I was beginning to invest myself in someone who had yet to end their investment in another.
Now, I did say admire those brave enough to venture out and retrieve a devilish thing like closure, and I say this because there is great danger in doing so.
Emotional, physical, and psychological health is all put on the line in an attempt like this.
“I love my best friend, but I can’t tell if she feels the same. I need closure.”
“He said he hated me for what I did, but he stills likes my photos and follows me. Maybe he still likes me; I need closure.”
These are basic situations commonly portrayed in the real world. These are also situations with extremes as your only possible results. Either you get the answer you’re hoping for, or you’re crushed on all realms be receiving the answers you hoped you’d never get.
So, is closure worth it? Depends on the circumstance, right?
If you feel like this special individual may be the love of your life, FIND YOUR CLOSURE.
If you have this gut feeling that God is pushing you in the direction of a certain career, but you fear the consequences of failure, suck it up and FIND YOUR CLOSURE.
If it’s true we only have one shot at this life, then why are we so worried about how long it’s going to last instead of how we’re gonna make the best out of whatever’s left?
There is always a possibility they love you back. There’s always a chance he’ll say yes. There’s an existent percentage floating around saying your gut may be telling the truth.
I will always respect one’s efforts to reach that state of closure; I will never be angry at the brave-hearted for wanting to know the truth.
(image not my own)

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  1. I haven’t had my morning coffee ☕ yet. But, I am ready for more to read 📖 from you. Each day I get to read your blogs gives me so much joy.

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