Bad News.

Is every bad thing really important to the outcome of our future? Does consistent struggle really promote a definite gratitude for what we have, or does it actually develop greed?
A broken down car, a fractured bone, a chronic disease, or severe allergies, any problem is a bad problem, and I’m pretty fed up with hearing that things get better.
It’s the magic of words and their placement that make everything seem okay. Saying “things will get better” may be referring only to the constant wavelengths of good and bad we observe. Saying “it’s going to be okay” may only be insisting that being granted the gift to continue living makes everything else tolerable.
Whether it be one negative incident or multiple troubles that accumulate space, anything can destroy us. Is anyone else tired?
This is a reminder; trouble will never completely exit your life. You will eternally experience heartbreak, sickness, physical injury, the loss of loved ones, failure, and the pain of second place. We can’t all be in first, we’re not allowed to be simultaneously happy, and we’re not all permitted to succeed when we want to most.
I’m exhausted from being told to “get over it” and “move on.” People act like certified psychologists whenever they notice someone else has an issue. There is a difference between trying to help someone and forcing your opinions onto them.
There are optimists like my parents; they look for the positive in every situation and create a whole new opportunity with the scraps from the storm. I admire this concept and mentality and am attempting to adopt this as a habit of second nature.
Whatever is bothering you today, may it be a cold, a lost pet, unemployment, or lack of motivation, follow your gut. Don’t throw the issue aside and “forget about it”, don’t leave it in the shower and let it rust, and definitely, do not overthink it and force yourself to go into a complete shutdown.
I don’t know what to tell you.
I have never been in your shoes, lived in your home, or inhaled your toxins. Through the verbal description and assumptions we make, we all want to believe we suffer the same exact thing someone else does, but we don’t.
Every problem, no matter how familiar it may seem, is unique. Let others share their stories with you, and I ask you to go out and share yours.
Sharing is all I can do to try to help anyone in this moment. I have no real education in psychology, no concrete understanding of the human mind. Even with my amateur blog, generic set-up, and simple education, I manage to share.
Life’s problems are a virus we’re never going to be able to terminate.
Your struggles are unique.
Your emotions are valid.
Your life is worth living even through all of its downfalls. There may appear to be this ratio that favors the negative of it all, but if you replicate the behaviors of those like my parents, you are able to build, not the prettiest, but the sturdiest house you can with the right knowledge and the correct mentality.
It does get better, but just like the storm, the happy “ending” is also a temporary one. Enjoy the times of prosperous revival, as well as your moments of despair. Embrace it all while there is still something left to live for.

(I do not own the image used)


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