Make Valentine’s Day Suck Less

Valentine’s Day does not require a man and woman to proceed. We’re in the 21st century; haven’t we surpassed this ridiculous concept of such a glorious day?
Celebrate with your significant other (man or woman), your best friend(s), your beloved neighbor, or even your dog. Who’s to say you have to be included in a couple to be included on Valentine’s Day?
I wanted to compose a list of wonderful reasons, gifts, and activities you could do with or without a companion this Valentine’s Day.

Feel-Good Activities:

 Yoga: Letting go of all your external and internal stressors with a little bit of yoga is one very relaxing, beneficial, and did I mention free, way to start or end your day.
Dining out: I don’t mean treating yourself to a full meal at McDonald’s. I mean going out to your favorite non-fast food restaurant and treating yourself to some of your favorites, or maybe even something new.
Spa Day: Going out to get a pricey massage session with a stranger is not the only definition of a spa day. Take some time to get your nails done or paint them at home, create some DIY face and hair masks, soak away your worries in a nice bubble bath, and snack on your favorite sweets. End the night with a glass of your favorite drink and a movie you’ve been meaning to watch.
A Book and a Glass: Sometimes the best form of relaxation is the one where you’re stressed over the life of a fictional character. This enjoyable type of stress is always best accompanied with a pile of pillows and a glass of whatever the hell soothes your cravings; may it be a drugstore wine, a cold glass of cranberry juice, a warm cup of joe, or even a cool glass of water, drink, or even eat, what YOU’ve been craving.
Changing your look: Sometimes the best way to boost your confidence is to spice things up a little bit. A little salt and pepper are nice, but a new haircut, hair color, nail set, and a cute, new outfit may be the cure for your sadly seasoned soup.
Clean it up, get it together: Having a fresh pair of undies, neatly prioritized files, a clean makeup setup, and dust free surfaces are always oddly satisfying for me, but take it up a notch. Move around, or even rid of, some furniture, buy a new piece for that disturbingly empty wall, and maybe even think about starting fresh completely. Becoming a minimalist was one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made this year. If minimalism is something you’re interested in, check out the post I did on it here.
Spread the Love: make some cards, buy some gifts, or just go hang out with someone who might need a little love this Valentine’s day. If you think you’re lonely, you can only imagine how crappy others are feeling this time of year.
Do the ONE thing you’ve been DYING to try: Bungee jumping, martial arts, dancing (in your living room), or maybe even starting a blog *wink *wink
PARTYYYYY: Throw a party for couples, singles, or both. OR throw a party that has nothing to do with valentines day!
Movie date: Who even wants a date to the movies when you’re not gonna pay attention to them anyway? Pick your own movie, buy your own snacks, and have all the elbow room you want!


Gifts from You to You:

Shop for a new outfit…our 5.
Take a day off from work, or from doing work, to do at least one of the previously mentioned activities.
Pick out a cartful of your favorite treats and enjoy them with a new book or movie
Go get a massage from a professional
Put aside the time to make yourself an extra special breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert that you wouldn’t have time to make otherwise.
Get up and smell the roses…then buy them!…or take a few from your neighbor’s yard.
Get up and go! Take a trip to one of your favorite places, get all dolled up and go out dancing, or just throw on some sweats and take a drive out to nowhere with your favorite music.
Call up some single friends (if you’re single) and go do something you’ve always wanted to do, go somewhere you’ve always wanted to be, or just be alone together and hang out.


This day, and any day really, does not need anyone else to be special. You do a lot, so why shouldn’t you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated? Maybe none of these activities or gifts appeal to you, but you know what you enjoy, so go out and get it! A nap may sound like the perfect way to spend your day, or a long walk on the beach with your cat may be the ultimate treasure.
Whatever you do, whatever the cost, and whoever you do it with, be sure you’re happy and are getting the most out of Valentine’s Day.
Sometimes we all forget to treat ourselves, so spend this time to take care of that very special task. Love yourself and show yourself this love by always taking time out to pamper yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the beautiful people out there reading this! ❤

(I do not own any pictures used in this post)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    Yo you described me in this whole blog. Except for the dress part of course


  2. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    Shit I meant the spa. The hell is wrong with me.


  3. 😂you should try it some time!


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