How Minimalism is Changing My Life

How I got started:
Last month, one unspecified, completely random January night, I had decided I was fed up with having more than I needed and things I didn’t want. I was furiously cleaning my room every week; this was very tiring and time-consuming.
I had been introduced to minimalism awhile back by a couple of YoutTubers, but being the greedy little beast I was, I could never even imagine getting rid of any of my useless junk. I’ve matured much since.
So, last month I grabbed a fair amount of trash bags, a car trunk full to be exact, and I stuffed them with clothes, shoes, bags, knick-knacks, movies, cables, and really anything I was just fed up with having around. This included stuffed animals that I cherished for too long. Sometimes you have to really prioritize and think about how sentimental an item really is. Don’t rid of everything just to say you did it, but instead, keep the things that have real value and importance to you.
I didn’t hold back. I went from having a ratio of about 2:1 ( shirts/tops to hangers), or twice as many shirts as hangers, to now having a ratio of 1:1. I went from having 14 pairs of shoes to now owning 6; those 6 being my most worn.
The trick is to be willing; you have to want to be free from your clutter and worries in order to become a minimalist. If you don’t want to, it is going to be extremely difficult to let go of things.
How I’ve been affected by this change:
When I walk into my room and see things out of place, I no longer feel overwhelmed and burdened with finding a place for these things. Getting rid of the unnecessary has left loads more room for the necessary. My makeup collection, once consuming my entire vanity drawer, a makeup box, and 3 small bags, has now reduced to fitting into two small bags and my vanity drawer; did IΒ  mention there is even room to spare in that drawer?!
Having a place for everything, and having space to spare, allows extra space in your mind. You won’t stress over having to wash 3 loads of clothes in one night, cleaning 16 pairs of sneakers, organizing and dusting all those books and movies you never touch, and cleaning all of the brushes, pallets, and containers in your makeup collection that you almost forgot existed.
I felt mentally cluttered for much too long, but becoming a minimalist has allowed me to appreciate what little I now have. Having and buying less is also a big money saver.
I have about 40 shirts hanging in my closet right now, about 6 pairs of shoes, a drawer full of pajamas and relaxing bed wear, 6 pairs of pants, 5 tank tops, and my collection of underwear, socks, and bras have been dramatically cut to all fit into one standard dresser drawer. This all may still seem like too much for a minimalist to own, but let me enlighten you on what minimalism is exactly.
When are you considered a minimalist?:
Minimalism, for some, can be having the bare minimum for comfort, survival, and hygiene. For others, it means having only the things that have exponential value to you, extensive uses to you and is essentially necessary. Decorations are not small odds and ends everywhere, but they are rather few and very admired ones at that.
There is a common misconception with what minimalism is, though, This does not mean ridding of your consumption pertaining to your hobby or job. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, like Jenny Mustard, you would have more makeup and clothing in order to blog about all things beauty related. You would have cameras and certain equipment needed to record and capture your creations as well. So don’t give up your hobbies and job essentials, that is not what minimalism is.
What is the true importance of minimalism?:
Minimalism was essentially designed so we could focus and pay more tribute to the truly important things in our lives. Instead of deep cleaning a single room each week, spending hours searching for a certain piece of paperwork, or spending an entire day looking for your cat who was nesting in the pile of crap behind your bedroom door, we could be pursuing our dreams, spending time with family, or doing something in solitude, something relaxing.
Less is more in this case.
My future plans to expand on my minimalist journey:
I admire that pure, white aesthetic that a majority of minimalist feed off of, and so I am working my way toward all white furniture. I also love how some minimalists can have a theme with their clothing. I personally adore whites, black, and nude/pale colors. I am slowly replacing items to work my way toward this type of wardrobe.
Every time I purchase or receive a new clothing item, I rid of an older one. This ensures I don’t hoard clothes again.
I have also worked my way down the only the necessary for my skin and hair care. I own one shampoo product, one dandruff product, and one conditioner. I have olive oil that serves many purposes in my beauty routine, apple cider vinegar for similar purposes, and I own two facial cleansers ( one is an exfoliant, the other is a gentler one intended for daily use).
I have worked my way down to two towels, but I would like to purchase two new ones that fit the aesthetic I am aiming for. The same goes for my bed set. I have one sheet, two pillowcases, two pillows, and two blankets. I want to purchase a new blanket and pillow case to also fit the theme I desire.
I have hopes of decreasing my clothing count and switching out many of them for simpler items with similar colors and durable material.
I love scarves and beanies, so I intend to purchase a few more of these to better enhance my wardrobe selection.
These were some of my personal experiences and aspirations as of late for my minimalist journey. I am very proud of myself for finally being able to let go and to push myself in the direction of a healthier, clutter-free lifestyle. I know I will make a lot of changes to my agenda and physically to my room, so I will be sure to keep you all updated by providing some pictures in the next post on this topic.
I would highly recommend giving minimalism a chance; it will benefit your health on a spiritual, physical, and mental level.
If you need any further information that is beyond my experiences, I highly advise you go check out Jenny Mustard on YouTube. She has Q & A videos, apartment tours, advice, and lots of insight on her daily habits as a minimalist with her husband, David Mustard.
If you finished the entire post or scrolled all the way down to the bottom for some reason, then you will be the first to know that I am planning a giveaway for my readers! It will not be random items from my room I am trying to rid of… trust me. I plan on giving away something like a gift card. I figure this would be a great way for anyone to begin purchasing the items they envision for their dream minimalist lifestyle, or you could spend it all on coffee! In order to be entered, you must be subscribed to my blog through email or your WordPress account. I am only giving this away to my active readers and supporters, so be sure you are skimming through any posts that interest you, new or old.
The final details on the amount of the gift card and the end date for the giveaway will be given within the next few days if not tomorrow! So, subscribe, comment, like, and keep on appreciating the world through words. ❀

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  1. jilldennison says:

    I need to take a lesson from you! Good job! I have been saying I was going to do this for … let’s see … I think about ten years now! πŸ˜€


  2. It’s never too late to give it a go! I promise it’ll change your life πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž

    Liked by 2 people

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