He’s an Artist.

I have a very close friend whom I believe is an artist. He’s not the Van Gogh type, but he’s more along the lines of a Banksy. So, for the remainder of this post, I will refer to him as Baby Banksy. ( Banksy, if you didn’t know, is an anonymous, England-based graffiti artist.)
We reside in the very edgy, urban city of Stockton, Ca. The young minds here usually develop with a hefty background of hardships and with hard times, the need for a temporary escape is typically beneficial. A creative outlet is notable at this point.
 I haven’t known Baby Banksy for too long, but I do know that his life hardly fits the description he has come up with in his imaginative “safe” hidden in reality. He’d much rather be living in a robust city, with scintillating lights, diversification of culture and style roaming the streets; he dreams of a place where he can be himself with minimal restriction.
I believe Baby Banksy didn’t choose to be the intuitive soul that he is. I believe the world has shaped him without permission. I feel like this is a messy heap we all learn to sweep under the rug.
To be honest, I want Baby Banksy to not only admire art, but study it; not the styles of baroque and rococo, or the simplicity of impression, but I mean the art he finds interest in. I want him to discover a community that sees through the same spectacles he does. I want Baby Banks to make a name for himself one day, whether that name belongs to a face or not.

banksy-banksy-2887927-1920-1440This image is a Banksy original

You see, the problem is that this is my dream for him. I still have yet to discover what his own dreams are.
Baby Banksy, if you’re reading this, I would just like to say I see what you do and I understand how empowered you feel. Anybody could look at a good piece of art and call it out as so, but this post is not about your art, it’s about your intuition, your courage to literally scope new heights, your passion for creation, and your constant desire for improvement. I sense more than a “good artist”.
I talk to you, and I hear the sincerity in your voice. You want to create, invent, disfigure, and reconstruct.
This is a message to all the kids out there with dreams that seem much too risky to succeed: just do it.
I want a freelance career where I’m liberated to practice my own kind of art. I understand I may not reel in a great income, and I may struggle for a few years if this does not succeed. That’s okay. I just want to be happy, and writing ensures that for me. I want an apartment of my own where I can proceed with my minimalistic lifestyle and write to surpass my heart’s content.
I want Baby Banksy, and every other “Banksy” out there to pursue their crazy aspirations because you’ll never know what could’ve been if you never give it a chance to be.


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  1. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    Oh damn, pretty sure I know who this is 😂. Dude’s got talent, wish him well in his life and his chosen career😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shhhh no you don’t! 😂


  3. Very well said. I love art too. I think this drawing is amazing. Very talented young man.


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