Don’t let Winter Bite their Paws; a friendly reminder to care for your pets this winter.

This is a vital warning to not only wear your sweaters and long socks when leaving the house this winter but to also ensure that your pets are kept warm.
Remember, our cats doesn’t actually talk to us, even though we have very distinguished “conversations” with them in our heads. Your pets cannot always communicate their predicaments to you.
Make sure your pets have blankets, sweaters, and maybe even some little booties if you plan on going out for a walk, or on a trip outdoors during the harsh weather winter has offered. A fairly accurate way to discover if you should make any adjustments for your pet is to experience something for yourself before they do.
For example, the streets and sidewalks can get significantly hot during the summer time, but we don’t pay much mind to this, as we usually have security from these types of extremes. Before you take your pet for a walk, examine the temperature of the ground and see if this is something your pet would find suitable to walk on. Try finding a grassy area as an alternative if the cement is not within a reasonable scale.
Right now, in California, temperatures have been transitioning from the low 40’s to high 50’s. I would advise everyone with a pet, including fish and aquatic life, to continuously check that your pet is content, especially in such environmental shifts as dramatic as the ones we encountered last year.
2016 was the hottest year in history due to global warming.

Every aquatic organism is said to have preferable water temperatures, so be sure to pay attention to their needs too. Their water can undergo change more often than you think; this is an issue that can affect their health.
Luckily, I have two cats and a fish. They remain indoors for a majority of the time; there are some exceptions, of course.
 I was blessed with a properly functioning heater, and have been provided multiple blankets for my bed; both of which I happily share with my cats.
I check my fish’s water weekly, as the temperature spectrum, at the moment, is rather consistent. I believe monitoring his water weekly is an appropriate choice.
If the weather proceeds to get cooler, I plan on investing in some enduring sweaters for my cats. I am not home all the time and cannot run the heater 24/7 for anyone’s comfort, including my own. Many of us do not have the money to run a heater or air conditioner 24/7, so look into getting the necessary materials to protect your pets.
Also, be sure to always check that your pets have enough food and water, especially when you plan on leaving the house for any time exceeding one hour. They should always have access to their necessities, though.
 Never leave your pets alone in a hot car; they can suffer irreversible brain damage in as little as 10-15 minutes! Cracked windows do not help, or serve as an excuse!
If you plan on taking a long walk or road trip, be sure to pack not only or yourself, but for your pet as well. Just like you, animals get thirsty, hungry, tired, and experience a range of emotions.
Do not force your dog into any situation she is trying to avoid. Do not take a 2-hour road trip without stopping for a bathroom and water break. If your cat pees in the passenger seat because you thought she was a master at holding her piss, don’t exploit your anger, embrace your stupidity.

I do not own any images used in this post.


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