How Far this World has Come.

There once was a world, an era, a nightmare where women were not important. There was a travesty where people of color were somehow not people at all. I don’t remember this world, nor have I actually lived in its truest form, but being able to review another’s recordings and experiences has been a rough journey in itself. Being a woman and/or a person of color, a part of the minority, or being associated with anyone at all with an extensive history of neglect and discriminatory abuse weighs you down with unnecessary fear, questions, and ignorance. It is hard for me to believe that I could have once been a slave if only I was born but another time than now. It is frightening to know that my friends with religious headwear would have suffered any abuse worse than they do today. I have done, and will continue to do pieces on the world that once was- on the nightmare that once had lungs. But, in this moment, I would like to take a look at how far we’ve come…as a unit. Yes, yes, I get there are still plenty of discriminatory and racist acts, many injustices and countless inhumane instances, but for this very post, I have decided to shine a 800 lumen bulb on the effects produced by the efforts of the world’s gentlest, most courageous, most brilliant soldiers.

Just to name a few of those soldiers, I present the following: Martin Luther King Jr., Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez, Jane Goodall, Malala Yousafzai, and Sojourner Truth.

These people were/are different races, religions, sexes, and ages, yet they managed to view every being as so and fought against anyone or anything that tried to imply otherwise. There are people who wanted to fight, wanted to help, and wanted to change what they truly believed was wrong, but fear was a poison so true to their veins, they remained quiet.

I am not as well read as I would like to be, but I’ve been around enough to confidently say that the consequences of standing up for your beliefs are nowhere near as frightening as the guilt of never having tried to change anything at all.

I am happy. I have the rights to attend school with a free education in my pocket, to practice any religion I want, to marry any race or sex I please, and I can fight for any cause I see fit to fight for. I can study at any university I earn a spot in and study anything I find interest in. Yes, I am a female, I am not white, and I am a minor, but I am allowed to do more than a white woman in the 1700’s could do in her prime.

I used to dread history; the aesthetics in which it was presented did not intrigue me in the slightest. For the last few years, many of us have been blessed with instructors who want the children to obtain and comprehend the material. I have become rather interested to watch such dreary events unravel and develop into what we have evolved into today. History has sparked imagination while also opening once non-existent doors revealing the  consequences of reality I failed to see beforehand. I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite subject and it definitely isn’t something I would try to mimic or recreate, but it is surely an extremely lengthy novel to peer into. Skimming through major events, like I mentioned, has brought upon many extraordinary instances for me, and it continues to do so as I listen to how passionately women fought for their rights, how upper class individuals step “out of line” occasionally for the greater good of the poor, and how slaves developed codes, routes, and courage to escape their tragic injustices. To watch an average person create a chain of events as powerful as so has somehow revived my faith in myself. Though I am small, I am mighty, willing and capable of anything. We all are.

The world is accepting change at the rate of which a baby learns to love their vegetables, meaning they may never accept somethings, or it may take force to make beneficial attributes to such a stern world. I would just like to dedicate this post to us, to the people. We have been able to fight for our beliefs, accept what we were once told not to, and grow when we were forced to believe it was impossible. You’re doing more today than many thought we ever could.

I  urge you to invent, create, explore, revive, exploit, change, alter, mimic, and scribble, yes scribble, outside of the cursed lines. Continue to help this world evolve into the universal vision of love, hope, happiness, and freedom for all who inhabit it.


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  1. Thank you! My gratitude is far beyond the extent of my own comprehension, and your support appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

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  2. You’re welcome!


  3. Anita Walker says:

    Please continue to write more. I just enjoyed a bowl of french-vanilla ice cream while reading some of your blogs.


  4. Aweee! Why, thank you for squeezing me into your evening ❤


  5. Such an intelligent young lady. I want more and more of your writing. Thank you for inspiring others.


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