Connections: Heart to Hand to Mind

Discovery is something that can be possible with an act as pure as conversation. I made a remarkable discovery recently during a lengthy car ride amidst my oldest brother and my dad. Through the oh-so-intriguing topic of college plans and life lessons we, of course, dipped our toes into the cloudy pool of the past. I have been conscious of much of my dad’s interests and his history for quite some time now, but yesterday was a fantastic renewal for us all when I learned that my father had been awarded many opportunities, had been gifted with multiple talents and had seemingly passed some of them unto me.
My dad is an ex-felon. Physical altercations and a few other “bumps in the road” took him down a path many didn’t want to watch him roll down. He is an intelligent man, but to my surprise, and possibly your own, my dad was a star pupil in school, in terms of his knowledge and capabilities. He was, however, sent to a continuation school, due to his behavior. At this school, my dad was requested to complete a written assignment. He made a bold move; he took instances and experiences from his own life and applied them to the characters living within the realms of his fictional piece. His story was so fresh, in fact, that it caught the attention of the local newspaper, and stretched beyond that, to grasp the attention, hearts, and eyes of a school in L.A. He was offered a scholarship and a chance to move to L.A., but he declined the offer. I’m a firm believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason. Right now, my dad is with the girl of his dreams, lives in a nice home with his kids, and continues to work at his reliable and fairly flexible job. I’m very, very proud.
My dad, after sharing the story of his declined offer, began to drift into a more touching anecdote; the story of his musical backdrop. I currently refuse to release certain stories and their distinctive details, but I will peer into one discreet example. My dad drifted back into his days of life in the penitentiary. With such an experience came real emotion, struggle, and a source for a creative outlet to emerge. There was a time when I wanted to be a musical artist. I would spend much of my free time writing songs and singing. When I found out my father had gone through a very similar stage, I was awestruck. After years of practical life itself, my dad happened to remember some of his original pieces and performed them for my brother, and I. To be frankly honest, I was expecting something completely mediocre to spill from his lips, but as soon as he began, I was blown away. To be able to hear about his time behind bars through a chill beat and a rap was something rather extraordinary. He later revealed the written raps containing further details on his once-too-real life story. My dad’s stories, hidden talents, and rejected opportunities have influenced many of my recent decisions. To go from not knowing what you want to do with your life to getting thrown into a whirlpool of madness, to then discovering your own father was the cause of this unpronounced whirlpool, is something that has drastically shifted the course of my future. I thought I would share this story, because if I had a nonexistent relationship with my dad, I would probably have just assumed I am writing because that’s what others propose I do. Knowing that something, in particular, is pumping through your veins, allows you to feel a sense of belonging and certainty; it allows me to feel such things. I would like to dedicate this article to my father. Each empty dream, all my failed attempts, and undecided choices have been backed by my dad. We have had a notably rough time constructing the relationship I am proud of today. Without the presence of our hardships, tears, and casual difficulties, I wouldn’t have such tough skin and a big heart. Thank you, Dad, for supporting me, teaching me, loving me, and guiding me through all of life’s games and tests. The journey has only just begun.
Disclaimer: This article may seem a bit too revealing for some, but I wouldn’t have shared this if it didn’t serve some importance. The man I based this piece off of is the same man I call my father. Everyone who knows him personally is aware he is a hardworking man who goes beyond the necessary extent to support, and please, his family. My dad is gifted, and though he has refused to pursue his gifts, I did not want them to go unnoticed. My dad can be a stunning example for others who are in and out of a rough situation. Your situation does not define you, as my dad has proved, and if you have a passion, pursue it. I would like to thank my dad for sharing his experiences with us, and I hope this article does him nothing but justice.


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  1. jilldennison says:

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man … I very much enjoyed reading this post! Thank you! And give your dad an extra hug … from me.

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  2. Thank you so much, will do! ❤️

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