Don’t Let the Flames Die Out

Just don’t let this fire lose its spark, ’cause then we’re just ash left in the cool of the night. The ashes get swept away, dispersed across a merciless world, and the flames that were once a symbol of love are now embodied in a faint scent and a distorted pile of nothing. It’s nothing; it’s an extensive chain of forgotten smoke crying to the heavens to recreate what once was. A fire can feed off of anything willing to burn, so never tell me love is selective, never tell me there’s nothing left for you to love about me. I’ve fed my heart and soul into these flames and I’ll feed this fire my very life to keep the sparks alive.

Clarification: With the right inspiration, I was able to produce a poem almost perfectly displaying the popular ‘love is a burning fire’ display. I adore metaphors like these, because it’s much easier to explain love when compared to something much more recognizable. Love is something you can find in more places than not. Love continues when everyone involved is willing to sacrifice things for the other. Feed the flames with all you’ve got and love will continue to burn bright. Feel free to take this and adjust it to become suitable for a loved one. Also feel free to share it just the way it is. This was written at the wee hours of the morning, so excuse any awkward phrasing or confusion.


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