Hear Me Out; We Got Problems

Hear me out; we got problems. We, or others, have undergone poverty, racism, water and food shortages, water contamination, animal abuse, kidnappers, rapists, terrorists, orphans, polluted resources, and countless other disadvantages to living in our modern world. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re next in line for the throne, baby. Whether you’re ready to slay the dragon, save the damsel, or fight a war that you claim isn’t your own, we’re going out anyway. We have, or are currently receiving, years of education on our histories, our war tactics, our financial stability, religions, business, and many other valuable ideas, methods, and concepts. I doubt we would be receiving free education to such an extent if we weren’t going to need it to continue running the world, or say continue to mutilate it. I have attended school with some extraordinarily brilliant minds with mind-boggling notions. I am well aware that we are capable of flipping this world on it’s behind if we really wanted to, but I only believe this because of the countless advances we’ve made in technological sciences, genetics, recycling and repurposing “trash”, earth-friendly forms of transportation, and so many other miraculous creations that have changed the course of history. This is not going to be an extremely lengthy article, but it is a well-needed awakening. I personally would like to reside in a studio apartment and simply write for most of my lifetime. I would like to travel and become a full-on activist for the causes I care about most. I plan on helping the world in my own little ways, but maybe your idea of helping is something much more extravagant, and that’s amazing. I just thought a few of us needed a reminder that adulthood is just a couple of years, or maybe even just a few months away. Start thinking about how you want to spend the rest of your life and then find a way to incorporate the rest of the world in there. This planet has suffered human mutilation and disrespect for many, many years now. I believe it’s time we stop worrying about how to prevent wrinkles and pay more mind on how to reduce pollution, save dying species, and provide the needy with clean water and food. Plan to do something for this world, not just do something in it.


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  1. Reblogged this on Nesie's Place and commented:
    Listen to the youth. Anything worth having is worth fighting for…but they need something to fight for…and with. It’s not about what we want, but what they need!

    “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.”

    ― Eldridge Cleaver

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    from Black Coffee Factory

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  3. Thank you! So beautifully written! ❤

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  4. jilldennison says:

    Very wise words … thank you for this post, as it renews my faith, my hope, in today’s youth!

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  5. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    I started by writing fan fiction.
    That’s all I’m going to leave it at.
    (It is god awful)
    Dicking around aside, great post. Though, makes me sad to think that some young people like me, won’t make it far in life. Every generation has this group of people. It is our job, to pick them right up.

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  6. Honestly breathless, speechless really, that I was able to do such a thing. I know the next generation seems rather lost and hopeless, but I believe we’re masking what we really have to offer with our edgy fashion and cigarettes.

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  7. Miguel, I can’t even begin to list the countless joys you offer to this world. Countless! You’re categorizing yourself incorrectly if you ask me. Maybe what you think is awful is a masterpiece when viewed from another’s eyes. You have the potential to do whatever the heck you want, and I can’t wait to see what you choose to do. 🙂


  8. jilldennison says:

    Keep up the good work! Never doubt that you have the power to motivate and inspire others!

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  9. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    I’d hardly call that a speech Niah, but thank you anyway. And if people actually think what a teenager living in the 21st century is fascinating, then I am utterly amused 😂, no offense.

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