Personal Update: bare for school today

I did it! No one in the world may care, but this is a vital milestone in my adolescence.I didn’t plan this or expect this in the slightest, but I was not going to be late for school today. So, here’s how my morning played out…
On a typical school day, I leave the house at 7:20. With other kids to drop off, this is a reasonable time for us to depart. Last night I had a fulfilling dinner and a nice period of peace before bed. I went to sleep knowing that multiple alarms had been set and a portable heater was coughing out warm air into my face. I slept like a baby.
I woke up without the assistance of a racket, and was alarmed to see light peeking through my blinds. I had two questions racing through my mind at this point: what time is it and why didn’t my alarm go off? By instinct, I grab my phone and squish the home button while anticipating the screen with all my answers. Nothing. The screen remains black for about 30 minutes after my discovery, but in this moment I didn’t have time to pay my phone much mind.I ran to the next screen that I knew had the answer to one of my questions; I scuttled to the microwave.It was 7:12! I had 8 minutes to get dressed and switch out my books to the ones suitable for today’s classes. I luckily had just become a minimalist, and decided to simply my life a little by preparing a few outfits for the week. I was able to change rather quickly and wash the dried tears from the corners of my eyes. I can’t remember every detail of my rushed morning, but I can recall brushing my hair and staring at my nonexistent lashes, my acne scars, and my pale skin. I was not going to have time to do my makeup, nor did I feel like grabbing everything I would need to complete my makeup at school. I left the house bare faced.
I was anxious because I’m always anxious to discover what comments will be made, or what opinions will be stated each day. Not having makeup on seemed, to me, like not having this shield on, or this protective barrier. I felt so vulnerable at first. but as the day went on, I smiled, laughed, and held my head up high. I was able to touch my face, wash it after p.e and not have to worry about looking in the mirror every ten minutes to check for smears or other imperfections. I was able to be my truest self and I was forced to feel confident in my own skin. Like I said, this is probably very amusing or unnecessarily pathetic compared to a lot of the world’s problems, but this has been a HUGE struggle of mine for years. This experience started off manifesting as a rather devastating one, but I quickly began to identify it as a blessing. I suggest you try the bare faced thing if it’s something you’ve been too afraid to try. I got no negative comments and I was treated like I am every other day. It felt good.


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