That person You Take for Granted

Everyone has someone they’re taking for granted, and the sad truth lies behind our motives. Maybe the quirky kid at school who keeps helping you with homework is in need of a friend, but he’s not cool enough for you to take a second look at. Maybe you have a clueless dad trying to fill a mother’s shoes, but instead of appreciating his efforts, you bash on him for his mistakes. If none of these situations sound familiar, you’ve either never paid it any thought until now, or your situation is a little more unique. Whatever the case may be, you need to sit down, take a walk, do whatever you have to do to rid your mind of the “very important things” distracting you from appreciating or even noticing the people who notice and appreciate you.

Stop calling your mom names, stop treating your dad like nothing other than a walking ATM, and stop treating your friend like trash whenever other people come around. You’re no better than anyone else. Remember that. You may be popular at school, at work, or in your neighborhood, but you’re just another person in the world. You have flesh and blood like me, like the mailman, like the janitor, like your mom and like the president of the United States. You can give yourself whatever title you want, but at the end and start of every day, you’re just a person. Your thousands of  Instagram followers don’t make you a better person, and your Yeezys don’t make you cool. My point is this: if someone has a kind heart, they’re stronger, and I mean much stronger, than a person without one. It takes courage to be kind to all the douchebags in the world. Just because someone doesn’t meet your beauty standards, or that of society’s, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be pushed aside and ignored like that garbage you were supposed to throw out. THEY ARE PEOPLE. Notice the things people do for you, because one day they’ll get tired, fed up, and they’ll simply stop trying. Everyone has a motive for kindness; maybe they want to get in your pants, maybe they feel bad for you, or maybe, just maybe, they’re a genuinely good person. get to know the kind people in your life and you’ll eventually find their motive, but no matter what kind of people you encounter in your lifetime, just remember one thing: BE KIND.


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  1. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    Amen to that. Though, sometimes I find myself doing the opposite and then feeling so guilty, that it eats me up the day later

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  2. It’s honestly frightening how little things can pick at your mind for days if it wants to, but I assume there’s real meaning behind something requiring that much of your attention. 🙂 I love your comments by the way


  3. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:



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