Racism in 2017

I follow a pretty popular Instagram account called @blackgirlmelanin. They posted a picture about 22 hours ago that made little, adolescent me ashamed for all the times I personally contributed to the nasty comments and expectations of the black race. Below I have inserted the photo…


I used to have non-black friends who would associate themselves as black since they were acquainted with me and other ‘dark’ kids. I’m not even 50% black, but no one gave that a second thought when trying to identify me and categorize me. I’m going to make this short and sweet, and just say this: I’ve seen a lot of change, a lot of movements; I’ve seen a lot of people making an  effort to make a change, and that in itself has sparked a little hope back into my wretched soul. Racism is gonna be around for God knows how long, but being able to consider it a crime, reduce its position in the mainstream media, and do something about it, is something I never thought would be possible after watching decrepit films on racism at it’s finest. 2017 may not be the year of drastic change, but I know I’m done using my social media accounts for pathetic rants and useless selfies as much as I do. This year may not result in some extreme reaction, but it’s definitely going to be the year I show these matters a lot more attention.

Black Lives Matter Movement (clear up):

My dad and I are two different colors, but he is my biological dad. He is Mexican and Native American, for the most part, and I am Mexican, Black, White, and Native American, for the most part. When the black lives movement started taking the stage, I was extremely pumped to see such a outburst of peace. When our peace was returned with violence, and we returned the criminal acts, I begin to give up on #blacklivesmatter and bandwagon on #alllivesmatter; my decision was also persuaded by my father who believed focusing on one race was not the way to go. I thought simply saying we all mattered would create a unifying movement, but I recently seen a video with a mostly black female expressing her views on the movements. She pointed out that Black Lives Matter was created to shine a light on the many killings, abuse, and stereotypical accusations being made towards the members of the black and colored community. Of course, all lives matter, but that mentality was not being pursued in the real world towards the black community, so this movement was, again, created to shine a light on this issue. Simply sweeping this movement under the rug by saying ‘all lives matter’ was disrespectful and had no real meaning. Many who did not understand our struggle, or got tired of hearing our cries, decided to shut us up and just say that all lives matter. For now, I will be cheering on the Black Lives Matter Movement. I refuse to support any other movement that was started simply to ignore an absolutely vital cause.


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  1. I long for the day when “race” doesn’t even need to be mentioned or considered. we should all strive to be human…nothing more.


  2. It would be nice if race could be one of those attributes similar to colored eyes or freckles that we could admire on one another rather than discriminate because of.

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  3. Miguel Chaidez Perez says:

    Wow.. That was very well written and thought out Niah, great job. Even though I don’t support some actions done in the name of the movement, I loathe the idea of the killing and discrimination of African Americans. Great blog.

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  4. Why, thank you! And yes, I am upset that it turned to violence in some areas. I hope the movement realizes that violence may strike fear into the oppressors, but tell me what fear is without respect? A wild animal is feared, not respected, and when given the chance, that animal will be shot or caged.


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