Universal Studios: the trip that killed romance + pics and my experience

( I will plant the photos throughout this article. )

Going to Universal Studios, Hollywood was intended to be a five hour drive; this was excluding any heavy traffic, pit stops, lunch breaks, etc. So, it took a decent chunk of time out of our day. The day after we arrived, we got up at around 6am and scuttled around the small motel room trying to get ready for the even longer day we were about to endure.


This is the beautifully lit, eye candy Comcast building I got to admire at a stop light on the way to our inn.

When we got to the park, Universal Studios, we decided we would find some coffee and a light breakfast. We found a Starbucks, of course, and quickly became content enough with ourselves to begin scoping the place for our first target of the day. We did almost everything, so I can’t seem to recall the very first thing.


The flowers, lights, and people were some of the most vivid and eye catching I’ve ever seen.

Eventually we wandered into a stairway called Starway. Yeah, what?? It was an amazing chain of escalators and stairs that led us right to a tour tram (a cross between a train and a golf cart). This tour was the one thing I remember most vividly and most accurately, because this was the tour that killed romance, or at least the Hollywood version that I had admired and yearned for, for so long. I got to see the fake little prebuilt towns used in some of the best movies of all times. I got to witness where the imitation rain and floods came from. Of course I knew movies weren’t filmed in an actual town during an actual rain storm, but something in me snapped when I was shown how fake it all really was.


The top to one of the many links to the chain of Starways.

I got to experience artificial earthquakes, and I realized it was so easy for me to want artificial love; that crap they’re feeding young minds in the media only continues in Hollywood. I thought the trip was amazing, and I don’t regret anything that happened that day, but I despise myself for believing that love portrayed in the movies was realistic. Yes, some fairytale-like relationships and love stories have been recorded in the real world, but those are so rare when placed in comparison t0 the 7 billion + people on Earth. This trip just reminded me how fake everything is in Hollywood, and next time I watch a movie, I won’t feel so bad about living a normal life.


This is the entrance to the newly expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When I went into this ‘world’ for a quick second, I realized that Hollywood may be fake, but it’s possibility and imaginative outlook had given hope and happiness to many of the people who watched their material. I then understood, I was one of these people. Even though wizards aren’t real, according to the close minded, they brought happiness to the many souls who admire their adventure and their character. Even though the love I admire may never belong to me, Hollywood has shown me that there are people out there that are hoping for the same things I am, and that I can find them one day. The rain and earthquakes may be artificial, and the towns may be prebuilt, the big kiss may have been redone 20 times, and the crazy jump-off-the-building scene may have been done with a green screen and a harness, but that doesn’t mean it can’t really happen one day. I know…I’m crazy.


This is one of my favorite pieces I found in a little crepe shop located in Universal Studios’ City Walk.

The food here, and everywhere we ate this day, was amazing! We stopped to eat so many times I can’t believe I survived the day. Of course, being the optimistic idealist I am, I looked at this picture and instantaneously noticed the jewels in the night sky. Some of the best love scenes and romance stories happen under a night sky, and the infamous treasure of Paris, of course, is also another popular choice to display a romance scene. I ended my night still the same hopeless romantic I was when I arrived.


The 1870 Globe Theatre was a sight to behold. Not only did the young lady in the red dress pose for this capture, but one of my favorite motion pictures of all time, Coraline, was listed overhead. The aesthetics of the physical building itself was also a valid reason to have captured this moment in time. Who knows when I’d be back.


This image here was a glorified one in my book because of it’s simplistic beauty. I am a sucker for nature’s homemade gifts, and real or not, these flowers portrayed a beautiful window display; one that I couldn’t resist.


This was one of the brightest, most happiest, most rushed captures of the entire trip. I took the pic from such an odd angle in order to hide the dead lights on the other half of this hunk of plastic, and while I was trying to obtain a picture perfect moment, my mom and brother were walking away, vanishing into the crowd. With my battery lowering by the minute, I knew I couldn’t afford to get lost. So, that was that. I described this as one of the happiest captures, because this was the last thing I truly admired before I left the park itself and wandered into the City Walk for some grub.


This is a picture of me and my mom waiting in front of the inn for our Lyft ride to come and take us to the park. Being the comfort-first kind of gal that I am, I didn’t pack many actual shirts for the weekend, so my mom graciously lent me some white ones…this shirt was ruined when I took the fist sip of my coffee, 20 minutes after arriving to the park. I suffered the wrath of a zip up hoodie for the remainder of the trip.


Universal Studios is a beautiful place, simply beautiful. I had loads of food… I mean fun. I am extremely thankful for having parents that want me and my brothers to experience the world beyond our own walls. My mom invested lots of money, sleep, and time into this trip, so I hope she enjoyed it as much as my brother and I did. If you have any questions about the traffic, food options, pricing, etc. I’d be happy to answer them. If you’ve been here before, tell me about your experience!


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