So You Wanna Go Veggie?

I did a post earlier this year on why I am a vegetarian and  how I was impacted by this change. You can view that article here. This article here was kindly requested by a friend who was interested in knowing how I started and how going vegetarian impacts the issue of animal cruelty. I was very excited to here her involvement, and am very pleased to be back writing about something I experience on a daily basis.

Some facts that will make you go Veggie

  1. Baby chicks are grounded up for nuggets
  2. Calves are taken from their mothers and killed for dairy products
  3. Pigs are slaughtered inhumanely for their meat
  4. Baby Turkeys are also ground up…
  5. There are so many videos, articles, and evidence out there that shows animals cruelly being abused for sport or food.

If you’re an animal lover like me, this is really the only reason you need to go veggie.

How I transitioned: chicken nuggets to veggie nuggets

As soon as I became aware of the situation, I knew I could never look at chicken nuggets the same way again. I quickly gave up all the foods I grew up on that had even the slightest trace of meat in it. I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to eat at dinner time when chicken breasts were on the menu that night. This is when I realized I was gonna have to find the time to sit down and look up vegetarian recipes that were easy for me to make and of course were also inexpensive. I went on sites like PETA and HSUS to find tips and pamphlets. I found this one. (They may ask you to pay or donate money in return for a pamphlet, but you can email them and explain your transition and they may send you one for free like they generously did for me.)  You can also browse other sites like Pinterest, Instagram, other animal welfare organizations, and other blogs dedicated to sharing veggie recipes. I know it may be hard to give up your favorite foods and quick snacks that have meat in them, but I did it. I quickly found sweets, lunches and dinner options that opted out meat and they are some of the most delicious things I’ve consumed throughout my years.

There are so many casseroles, pastas, pizzas,  sandwiches, tamales, chili, dips, and even gravy that don’t have meat in them. When I go out to eat I search for, or ask for, their vegetarian options, and I always find one. I am gaining weight and body fat as we speak, and yes, I am a vegetarian. With proper research and reliable facts, one would know that meat is not necessary for a healthy diet. Meat actually has many chemicals and causes many illnesses, which I mentioned in the article linked above. Plants are good for the Earth and good for your health. Many doctors recommend a vegetarian diet for people trying to lose weight or those trying to gain healthy weight.

Grocery Shopping

When my dad goes grocery shopping, I go too to make sure I have different options throughout the week. The following is a list of things I usually always have in the house:

  1. wheat bread ( $2)
  2. onions ( $2)
  3. noodles/soup ❤ ($2)
  4. spicy mustard sauce ($3)
  5. tomatoes ($3)
  6. pasta ($2)
  7. tomato sauce ( $2)
  8. cereal ($3)
  9. almond milk ($2)
  10. chips or hot Cheetos ($4)
  11. mushrooms ($2)
  12. bananas  ($2)
  13. potatoes ❤ ($3)
  14. peas ($1)
  15. and ill pick up different things if I want to try a new recipe

Approx. Total: $33

The price for my weekly groceries is usually less than 30 because I don’t have to rebuy everything every week. It is usually closer to about $15-20

Replacing my favorite Foods

Believe it or not, they have a plant based version of everything out there. They have vegetarian nuggets, burgers (delicious), pizza, etc. You name it and it’s out there. I was afraid that I would crave a burger one day and give in, but I went to Burger King and they have a vegetarian burger! Walmart sells them in the frozen meals section, and I even found a vegetarian burger at Universal Studios. I never run out of options, and being vegetarian has even allowed me to try things I would have never tried otherwise. If you’re thinking about trying out a vegetarian diet for the new year, I say go for it. Not only are you saving thousands of animals, you are helping the Earth and your own body. You can find vegetarian options almost everywhere, and there are replacements for all your favorite foods. If you have any questions or want to know more about the affects of this change, my grocery shopping experience, or anything else in relation, I am happy to supply you with my response.




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