Why is the Human Race so Cruel?

Why is the human race so cruel, not only to one another, but to both non human entities and inanimate objects? I don’t want to throw every human being under the bus here, but our reputation as the human race has gone to waste. Why is animal cruelty so common and so unstoppable? Why are kidnappings, rapes, and shootings the norm on the daily news segments? Why is bad so common and so acceptable now?

I used to tell a lot of  family and friends that I don’t want to mother any kids when I’m older. Sometimes I’ll say its because I have plans and kids just don’t fit in the puzzle, but other times I sit back and contemplate the true reason: My children would be black, native American and Mexican no matter what ethnicity or race the father was, and with all of  the racism and discrimination still lingering around, I couldn’t imagine having my kid come home every day crying, confused, or depressed with life itself. I couldn’t bare to see a little boy or girl upset that they didn’t fit the beauty standards or expectations because of where they come from, or who they came from.

There are many motives as to why we do the things we do; there are reasons why killers kill, why thieves steal, why parents abuse, and why terrorists strike. Just because you have a motive doesn’t mean its justifiable or acceptable. I woke up this morning, washed my face, made a nice cup of genuine coffee, and hopped over the baby gate with my computer in hand ready to write about anything. Thoughts flowed through my head and the flow stopped when one specific question clogged the pipes; what makes someone a good person? Then I thought about what I meant by the term ‘good person’. Did I mean what makes someone the ideal human being, or what morals, values, beliefs and practices should one have in order to classify as good? Let me just say that I am 15. My life has not been long lived and not too much has happened in order for me to able to supply a sufficient answer to such a complex question. Curiosity killed the cat, but I no longer fear death. I hope to ponder about life at a level close to the great minds of philosophes ( philosophers)  like Voltaire, Rousseau, John Locke and Montesquieu. I hope to lead a meaningful revolution like Martin Luther King Jr. or Father Miguel Hidalgo. I hope not to be great, but to lead the way for someone to discover it for themselves.

With the vast variation of culture and religion in the world today, I am most sure that we could never sit down to tea and agree on the definition of a “good person”. Every person will have a slightly unique answer from the last and I believe this is how it will be for eternity, till the end of time and Mother Earth herself. I personally am one to sit in the back of a class during a juicy controversial conversation and wiggle around trying to keep my thoughts to myself, but this blog has allowed me to sit and think about what I say before I share it with others. What makes a good person is a brilliant question that may or may not require an equally brilliant mind to answer, but from my p.o.v, I believe a good person is one who accepts and respects everyone and everything. You don’t have to love or even like everyone you meet, but to accept them as a person or living thing and respect them as your equal shows a great abundance of good and surely exercises our natural rights and laws.

You’re good if you try to be. And based on your beliefs and cultures, that effort will take many different forms and appear in every shape, size and color. It’s only logic that killing, rape, stealing, etc. are not good whether you’ve made yourself  believe so or not, but I am a full believer in the great philosophe, John Lock, who claims that people are born good, but are corrupted by society. Society sets too many limitations, expectations and standards for one another, and this is one thing we have not been able to change.

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness” – Katherine H.


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  1. Such a controversial question must be accompanied by many different opinions and views. Feel free to spit ball yours in the comments or contact me personally at any time if a post is offensive to you. My goal is certainly not to offend anyone. I hope this got someone thinking and ready to make change in 2017; I know I am.


  2. Free will/personal rights/moral indignation – choose one – often leads good people to do bad things. Some call it mental illness, but I don’t believe it’s the case for a great majority of offenders. It is a choice. If we believe in the goodness of people, then we have to acknowledge that true evil exists, and influences.

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