Dear Mother,…

Though I’ve seen models, commercials, ads and magazines, I have yet to see a woman who compares to your beauty. Your grey-green eyes sometimes burn through my soul as you glare at me for doing wrong, but I never forget when you stare at me gently and you smile to show your love prolonged. From birth you have loved me, mistake after mistake. You put our health and interests first and I feel rather guilty everyday. I’ve never admired how lucky I am, how blessed to have you near. For Christmas I couldn’t get much, for I know not what you truly did want, but my debt is oh so great my efforts seemed worth not. Teaching me to love me, to keep my head up and move on, showing me to be strong and let no one do me wrong. Giving me more freedom than I thought you’d ever might, you’ve allowed me to blossom and I beg you hear my plight:

Oh mother I tell no lie when I say you’re the only one, the only one I call mom and forever this will be done. You’re the only one I run to when things are going wrong. You listen to my screaming, my screeching and my hard core rock songs. You supply me with necessities, but you never fail to see the things we want most and you rush to secure the deed. So loving and so kind, I’m glad to call you “mines”. So brutally honest and cunning, so adventurous and funny. Though some may fail to see this and though some may talk you down, I’ll always defend your name and wear it like a crown. So honored to belong to a woman as strong and kind as thee. So pleased to hear your voice even when it viciously yells at me.

This Christmas I sent chocolate, how lame and oh so played. But I also give you love-battered words and hope for a great holiday. You are not only my mother, you are my best friend. I wish I would have always treated you the way you deserved, but with my temper and missing filter, sometimes I tend to disobey. I promise to always be there, love you and even someday…attempt to pay you back for all the gifts and love you gave to me.

Merry Christmas. Love, niah.


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