The pug in the kitty kat bed.

(featured image is an actual image of the pug in the kitty kat bed)

A few years ago my dad met the love of his life; a beautiful young lady with  a sickly little dog. My dad’s genuine love for animals had faded much over the years, but seeing this sad little dog had chucked some love back into his heart. Nursed back to health the dying pup did live and sleeping in the kitty kat’s bed she lays and makes no peep…except for the extremely loud snoring. I’m writing this post to say sorry. I’m sorry I pushed you aside, I’m sorry I shut you out, and I’m sorry I haven’t shown you every ounce of kindness you deserve. Your life will be cut short; your breathing problems, old age, and unhealthy system seems to point to so and I haven’t shown you every ounce of kindness you deserve. Your hair is scattered all over the house, in my clothes it is stitched and in my nose the smell has become rather familiar. Your slobber has most likely stained the wood and your paw print embodied as mud. Your smelly little kisses replay in my head whenever you’re not around. All you do is show me love and I haven’t shown you every ounce of kindness you deserve. So gentle with the young and so caring with the old. So bright with your old tricks and stubborn with your food choices. So sad you always look and so alone you now lay. But I give you my Kitty kat’s bed in hopes to say…I’m sorry I haven’t given you every ounce of love you deserve.



This post is about my dad’s girlfriend’s pug, Precious. She is 56 years old now and she seems more alone as more  wrinkles take shape on her nozzle. I love animals and seeing this dog sick, hurt, alone, or even sad breaks my heart. My short temper and quickly agitated persona recently broke out due to change and large amounts of stress and it has caused me to neglect some of the most important things and people in my life.( and I don’t mean physical abuse…never physical abuse) I’m writing this post for someone who will never know I have written this for them, but I am also writing this for all of you with pets who may be taking their companionship and existence for granted. Like any normal being, animals do not live forever, though they are smart, they do not have a voice, and though they are cute, they deserve more than the now-and-then attention we tend to give. If you don’t have the heart or ability to help homeless or needy animals, at least be a decent human being and take care of your own. I’m sorry Precious. I ask your forgiveness with my kitty kat’s bed. (she’s destroyed all her past beds with poopy diapers, mud, and some other nasty stuff, so I gave her my kitty kat’s  new bed as a gift)


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