The Love of the Lonesome

It is quite a common claim to say we like to be alone,but no one seems to read the fine print. There’s limitations to how long we can withstand our own company.

We like to be alone to put the world on hold, to avoid external conflict and to do the things we’re afraid to proceed with in public. We crave a quiet safe haven, an ear bleeding chorus of our favorite songs or maybe something in between. I like to be alone,sometimes.I like to have conversations with only my thoughts and the little voices that had to stay silent for much too long. I believe they deserve a say in how things are playing out in my life.
Though I am rather fond of this empty lifestyle, I am also particularly fond have having someone to hear me cry out my fears and plights,a loyal companion to partake in the things I refuse to go at on my lonesome; I need a friend. We all need one.

Don’t let the cruelty of humankind blind and shield you from the beauty hidden in it. Be alone,scream in the presence of no one but your demons, but have another in your life to do so with from time to time.


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