Finals Week…

I’m a freshman, so let me just say this whole “finals week” trip seems extremely overwhelming, especially because I wasn’t expecting this until just a month or two ago. I attend a charter school, an early college academy. I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity, for many reasons I will share with you all in a later post, but though I am grateful, I am frightened out of my wits. I knew what I was signing up for, but for those who have forgotten the anxieties of their high school years, or for those who have yet to experience it, this post is for you…

Let me quickly explain why finals week is so intimidating. Your instructors will choose whether or not they wish to provide a final, and it would be rare for them to refuse. My biology teacher used the words ” fair game” whilst naming all the information she could cover if she pleased. Anything you’ve learned since the day you walked in is “fair game” and will be used if the instructor feels the need to do so. So, you could have been a good little pupil and studied vigorously throughout the year, or you could be better described as a normal student who waited a week or two before finals week to even consider the act of studying. I personally am a ‘normal student’ in the area of studying. So, you’ve crammed all you can and you anticipate the long week of hour long tests. I repeat: A full week of hour long tests. I proceed.

If you fail a test in any class,  that symbolizes your failure to comprehend the material they attempted to teach you, so you must now skip out on an extra college course or elective and retake that class. Let me make this more interesting by describing the effects of these tests and my school in general on the kids that attend.

Well, for one, many of us are sleep deprived. We try to balance life, updating social media, hanging out with friends, spending quality time with family, studying, daily homework, pets, entertainment ( television, computer, etc.), working, for those of us with jobs, and for kids like me, we try and balance having a hobby that will benefit our future. I’ve also witnessed full heads of gray on kids my age and I have to say that it was one  of the scariest realizations I’ve had this year. I’ve developed actual bags under my eyes, but I’m actually more proud than ashamed of them. The young adults at my school work diligently to get the grades and opportunities they aspire and to reflect their efforts, our school office has dedicated walls to all of the scholarship and acceptance letters former students have received. I hope to have a copy of my letter stapled to that wall by the end of my senior year.

Finals have been a distant thought on my mind until two weeks ago and now that finals week is 3 days away, I can’t even begin to express how it is now one of the only thoughts on my mind. Please don’t look at high school students in general as rowdy, directionless kids who are obsessed with parties and sexualizing every form of entertainment we come across. Many of us are spending every hour of our lives trying to configure a promising future for ourselves.

If you’re a high school or college student, or even an adult stressing over something that will ultimately affect you and your future, then I advise you peer into the intricate fabrications of the message that follows:

Life is a gift full of wonder and opportunities, mistakes and success. If you work hard and still fail, I get how crushing that is to our spirits and hopes, but the cool thing about hitting rock bottom is that you’re at the bottom and any move you make with the intentions of rising will only bring you up. Stress is a daily phenomena and we all incorporate it into our daily lives in different increments. We also need to let go sometimes; we have to remember there’s more to life than our Geometry test or getting a manager position at McDonalds. These are accomplishments that we should take pride in, but these are not events that we should let consume our every thought and action in our daily lives. Finals week,for example, is stressing hundreds of thousands of students out all over the world, but I am one of those who also realizes that I’m studying and trying my best and that if I still fail a test, I can be proud of my efforts and work harder next time. I can’t give up my childhood for something I have another chance to succeed at, and you shouldn’t jeopardize your happiness for anything else either.



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  1. We waste far too much time – and good health – on stress. It changes absolutely nothing, and can make things worse. I learned my lesson long ago when stress exacerbated an already serious illness I was dealing with. I let it go that day and haven’t looked back. It is…what it is! 😉

    My siblings and friends get annoyed with me when they’re into their full-blown stress episodes, and I won’t participate! LOL! (And there are those who are not happy…unless they’re drowning in stress! LOL!)

    I believe you and finals will get along well together…no stress needed. 😉


  2. I’m thrilled to discover someone else who refuses to participate to wallow in the pits of stress with others, haha. I find it entertaining to see what odd things people will decide worthy to stress over next! Thank you for your confidence in my success with these finals ❤

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