The Outer world of Space

An endless black cloud filled with spheres of fire. Worlds of the unknown¬†drift…

It just doesn’t seem real. My reality is equivalent to this bland cycle of technology, heart break, sugary beverages, illness, boredom, blood and tears. But space…

Would I sleep on an asteroid and awaken on Mars? Would I find love on Saturn, marry and be his/her alien princess? My crown made from the most radiant of stars and my slippers selfishly formed from the freshly released satellites from NASA. Would I dance every hour to Jupiter’s greatest composer, Zoltar?

I’d roam the rocky terrain of Mars with Rover at my heels and communicate the better life I’m living back to NASA headquarters. Overtime I’d grow antennas and a nice curvy figure. I’d be uniquely beautiful and distant from Earth’s beauty standards. I never liked the way humans lived; their bad breathe, the loud steps, and their bright, textured acne. Maybe I’d have pale, green skin, straighter teeth, and empty steps. I’d float, I’d drift and I’d have no worries as to where as I was going, or where I wanted to be.


In space I wouldn’t matter, similar to Earth. The world in which I live now seems so insignificant compared to the vast universe beyond me. I could say and do whatever I wished and no one would shut me out. Maybe my ideas would be important to someone and have a positive effect on something. Out of everything that could happen in my fictional life , I only really crave the infinite love that might be out there in the endless cloud of Space. I want a love without question, without hurt, and lies; I want a love with no end. Earth is bound to demolish one day, but I have faith that Space would live on. Is this a metaphor for the love possible on each? If I could be an alien princess, I’d wear the chains of romance. I’d adorn myself with the kisses of my newfound alien love. I’d wear my black sunglasses and my wispy, black dress, my chains of romance, and my abundance of kisses and I’d drive my 2001 Venus convertible to the constellation of Orion.

The Outer world of Space is the world I wish to be on, live on, but most certainly not breathe on.

This piece was a fun little taste of my fictional character. I recently started reconnecting with someone who expresses their interest in Space and it inspired me to release my thoughts and aspirations on it.

The image used (galaxy/space image) is not mine.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. vishal4u says:

    You seem to have lot of interest in space and yes your imagination was way too wild but interesting. Nice post. But guess what, lets be positive and hope our mother earth don’t betray us.


  2. I used to fear criticism when it came to releasing the full potential of my imagination, but I’m learning to embrace it from all angles, including the weird. Thank you so much for your feedback; it is extremely valuable to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vishal4u says:

    You are welcome.


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