Just like my room, my heart’s in disarray. My veins pump pain instead of blood. My heart’s been abused and led into the street. Hit by robbers, thieves, and whatever’s in between. Natural disasters have caused my heart to be misshapen; tornadoes, strong winds, and earthquakes left me shaken. Exhausted by the hurt and yearning for the deserved. I thought all the innocent deserve love; I thought we all had someone reserved. I put so much time in to cleaning this mess. There’s just burnt letters, torn hearts, and bulls**t, nothing less. Just like my room, I can fix up the faults in my heart, but you get careless and allow things to fall apart. This cycle is endless for many and exhaustion can hit us. We don’t wanna clean anymore, so we hold onto the fuss. We hoard every lie and every act of deceit. It’s chaotic,but maybe one day I’ll discover love that is symbiotic. img_20150208_034359


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