Life Advice from: Drake

“I tried with you. There’s more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you. I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do and that just didn’t sit right with you.”

So, it might be fairly obvious that Drake has some exquisite power derived from the will of God; the ability to dive deep into the souls of all that listen to his siren-like lyrical and extract the pain that’s been jailed up for years. In other words, Drake puts us all in the feels. I am a victim of this beautiful sickness he spreads. In one of Drake’s newest songs  ‘Feel No Ways’, I decoded a meaning to the poetry he preaches, but of course everyone will discover a unique meaning to each line; everyone will have a one of a kind interpretation. the God of Hip-Hop has picked at my brain with the lyrics in Feel No Ways. The first paragraph of this piece, to me, was the most mind-wrecking.

“I tried with you.” This line alone placed my heart under a microscope and spotted the most insignificant traces of heartbreak. Trying is always what we are told to do whether it be with relationships, an assignment, a job interview, an exercise routine, or a genre of music. But what happens when you try and fail? Well, you get to have to pleasure of saying ” I tried.”

“There’s more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you.” Now, I am not some experienced relationship guru, but may I remind you that I now a thing or two about emotion…

I think this line was aimed towards a much more obvious scenario. Some people, like myself, believe that when you meet someone you can just chill with and drop all your worries with while you two indulge in the chemical smell of your “drug” that it’s meant to be, but think about it. If you’re spending all your time with this one person and you both got your head in the clouds, you’re both drifting in space, burning every problem one by one with the lighter of love then you’re not living your life; at this point you’re just wasting away like the ashes of your guys’ last shared joint. Like Drake said, “There’s more to life…”

” I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do…”

Now this part always stops time and I can’t explain how I actually feel. I become distant from the realm of reality and dead in the present. I drift off, but not so far as to claim to have been in space, but just far enough to stay I’ve felt the scorching rays of the source of life ( the sun ). This line takes me back to the time when I had a person in my life that I thought would remain in it forever. To those who know me, you’re lost. Don’t be. We’ve all encountered society, it’s individuals and their personalities, which we may become entranced by. I fell under the spell; I liked someone. I liked this person because I was genuinely happy in their presence and the feeling seemed mutual. When someone makes you blush, and you set metallic butterflies free in their gut, you form this connection that you wanna label as love. But those metal butterflies that you may now have within are weighing you down, and that can be okay; it isn’t if this relationship has toxins running through your veins, though. If this person makes you cry, hurt, or feel what no one should, then those butterflies you feel are merely weights and they’re not helping you fly. Set those beasts free and show yourself what you can do; listen to Drake!

And that last part, “… and that just didn’t sit right with you”  seems to express the other person’s discomfort with your decision to escape the hell you became trapped in. It’s a normal, healthy, doctor-recommended action to love. It’s acceptable to hurt and its equally understandable to let someone you deeply care for change you. Never forget that its also great to let go of that person to reverse the change that failed to do you any good. If anyone is going to change you, let it be because they cleared the halo of nicotine lingering overhead, or because they handed you the key to that eerie door that inhabited the unlit crevices of your heart; your feelings.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This is officially the first post in the series of Life Advice From:_. Drake has always been a major music icon in my life and I wanted to share this song specifically with those who have not yet been offered such a gift. The song is called ‘ Feel No Ways’. It came out this year (2016) in his Views album. I hope this series is a relatable one, because finding anything to relate with is always a comforting phenomenon. Leave requests for any other songs you want me to break down in the comments or on the requests page. Thanks, guys!


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