LGBT series: part two (coming out)

I’m so grateful to be able to come back with a part two in my LGBT series for you guys! This time around I wanted to touch on something that is very controversial, but very worthy of discussing because coming out can be as easy as counting to three, or as difficult as eating your pet for survival (what?) Anyway! Today I have compiled a few links, a video, and some insight on coming out for you guys who struggle to release the immense tension eating away at you day by day. Holding something in like this can be very vile, but sometimes it’s what you have to do.

Help on Coming Out:

I did a little digging on both popular sites and some that appear to be very small, but beloved communities that are genuinely interested in helping the LGBT ‘world’ strive.

Manny Mua,for example, is one of my most favored YouTubers and beauty gurus who also happens to be gay. He posted a video that went into depth on how his coming out story occurred. I enjoyed his family’s reaction to his situation and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Link to Manny Mua’s video:

I also went and did some digging on the “gay side” of Buzzfeed (one of my favorite sides) and found a video about coming out. Buzzfeed being the extravagant group they are decided to leave some links to sites that gave tips on coming out and I wanted to share those with you guys as well!

Links to useful sites:

LGBT centers:…
The Trevor Project:…

A Community that Understands:

I was contacted by the owner of a website called and he told me all about how his site is a loving community where the community can share content of all sorts with one another. I personally checked it out and was instantly drawn in by the vibrancy and positive energy you feel once you reach the home page! The excerpt below was extracted from the official Queereo home page.


Connecting and building the LGBT+ community online.

Queereo is home to everything LGBT+, upload and/or view content shared by LGBT+ people from all over the world. Want to share a story, PSA, or experience? Have a passion you want others to see? Maybe there’s something you’ve seen that you want to share? Maybe you just want to have fun? You can do all that plus more here, this is what Queereo is made for!

Link to Queereo:

The Down Low may be the Best Way to Go:

If you want to make an account, talk to others, and get answers to questions you may not have the courage to ask, you can do so… on the down low!

If you haven’t heard of it already, Candid is an app where you can make an account that allows you to share content like stories, questions, images,etc., without anyone knowing who you are! This is a safe haven for many, especially if you’re no ‘out’ yet. You can post about anything, and the positive, well-watched community can respond and help you.

Link to Candid:

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I am not being sponsored by any of the communities, apps, or sites mentioned in this post. I did a little research and snooping to find places where you can feel comfortable and safe whilst being yourself and getting well-needed answers to your heart throbbing questions. I am very excited to see where we can go with this LGBT series, and I hope that something I post on here helps anyone…anyone. If you have any other requests for this series or any other posts in general, leave a comment or leave your request on the Requests page. You guys are truly a blessing!

One last note: Just because you want to come out does not mean that you should. It is not always safe to do so and your safety should ALWAYS come first. If you know you will be abused in any way, kicked out, neglected, or you know that something negative will happen to you, please postpone.  Wait until you are in the best possible situation, and remember, you don’t have to come out or explain yourself to anyone if you choose not to. Please be safe and check out the resources I supplied for extra help on coming out. Thank you all so much!<3


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you had any attraction or relationships with a female?


  2. Anonymous says:

    If so can you write about your situation.

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  3. Email me: This is a conversation I’d love to have one-on-one with you instead 🙂


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