Original Poem:Where do the petals all go? (Where does failed love go to die?)

I saw it fall; I watched it fall, but I prayed that it would fly.

The wind slowed down, the world went dim and I watched the poor thing die.

Just the other day I peered; I took a gentle glance.

The blood red petal stood so sternly, but the poor thing stood no chance.

I did not worry for its health, but rather for its romance.

The love within the ovule was keeping them alive; the love within the pistil kept me warm inside.

To watch the poor thing materialize then,to watch it fade away was like reliving the time I killed myself…I mean faded away.

If you cut away the petals, and if you don’t water the plant you get a faded memory of a beautiful romance

To wallow in the depths of a once forgotten love is like standing on the jagged edge, falling, hoping you become a dove.

Where do all the petals go when the rude winter bites? When they lose all of their beauty who will dare withstand their plights?

I saw it fall; I watched it fall, but I prayed that it would fly.

My prayers were too late; the weak romance had died.


I hope you guys can appreciate the darker side of love. I understand this may be a little more confusing than my more straightforward pieces, but I believe diversity is refreshing. I hope to enhance my poems, and writing all around, but this is what I’m producing for now. Please leave any tips or comments that you may have in hopes that I will digest and apply them.


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