Falling behind-original poetry

I feel like I’m falling behind, behind what, I’m not sure. I feel like I just won’t catch up; catch up to whom? The answer I endure. I feel like the world’s caving in. What’s the cause? I can’t say. I feel like I’m losing myself in a ridiculous way.

School seems to be choking me with wads of dead trees, and drowning me in books, well above my knees. Dishes pile up and they hover like mountains. Laundry’s everywhere, spewing, vile fountains. My cat thinks it’s fun to subtract from my sleep, and my  anxieties only add to the heap. I’m running this race; I’ve seemed to slow down. I’m falling behind, I fell, I’m down.

I reread each line and crack a slight grin, for my troubles seem simple; this race I can still win. I’ve seen racers suffer much worse than a fall. I’ve seen broken bones, broken hearts, broken dreams if you recall. This world in which we reside is nothing more serious than the demons inside. There is much more to fear than the essay that’s due; there is much more to suffer than that speech; you can subdue.

Close your eyes; take a deep breath. Your “problems” will endure a violent death.

❤              ❤            ❤          ❤          ❤          ❤          ❤

I love poetry and thought this would be an interesting topic to show this with. Lately,I’ve been feeling weighed down, and I can’t stand the constant pain stinging me. I know I’m definitely not alone when I say I’m “stressed”, but the funny thing is I shouldn’t be.

I crave a lengthy education, an extravagant vocabulary, and an impeccable career in my future. I felt as though I could not achieve this without the assistance of perfect grades, but I’m WRONG.Getting where you want to be in this world may always be slightly easier with numerous degrees lounging in your pockets, and a thick coat of gel slathered in your locks, but sometimes we can amaze ourselves when we realize big words and awkward lengthed equations don’t define our worth.

I want to take advantage of my education, but I have to remember that if trying my hardest still means failing, that means I have another plan in mind. You should remember this too.Try your best in all that you do, and put your all into what you love. This is all we can do in the world today, and this is all we need to do. Stressing over a missing piece of paper ( an assignment ) won’t cost you the biggest opportunity of your life. BREATHE and you will succeed.

(picture is my own; contact me for use of any original material. Thank You! <3)


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  1. TheSageDove says:

    Very nice….. have you gone into WordPress and checked out the writing challenges


  2. Thank you very much, and no I have not; where is that located at exactly?

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  3. TheSageDove says:

    I found it in the discover tab… I will tag you. I think we can do that here….
    YOU get one word as a prompt to write about. There’s one everyday


  4. That sounds like loads of fun, please tag me if you can 🙂

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  5. TheSageDove says:

    Search- The Daily Post


  6. TheSageDove says:

    Couldn’t see a place to tag you… Im still learning this blog. Here’s the page- The Daily Post. This weeks word is Tiny

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