LGBT series: part one

This is officially the first part of my LGBT series, and I can’t express the excitement surging through me as I type! I chose now to start this because many individuals who identify with this group are suffering an uncomfortable amount of fear; if you haven’t heard, Donald Trump is our new president. This man has made numerous threats to this community, and many others, but I decided to start here. I have asked everyday people to share their stories, experiences, questions, concerns, and advice with me, and with their permission, I get to share them with you! I hope you extract some form of relief or comfort from this series, and if you want your input to be featured in the upcoming parts of this series then contact me through any form of social media, or by email.

Story one: Be you and still be Loved

Sent in by: Saira

“…I grew up in a very religious, Christian home. This means no being gay or trans at all!!! …obviously, I was taught to not engage in any sort of LGBT activity. When I was 9, I had a best friend, that was a girl, that I had romantic feelings for… I hated myself for it !!! I was SO SAD, so I kept it to myself until I was about 14….

a girl at my school said she was bisexual…I felt so comfortable around her, so we dated for about 7 months. When my parents found out, my dad told me that Jesus doesn’t love me and my mom cried and said I should be ashamed of myself.

I soon went into a depression, I missed my girlfriend, and I was mad at my parents. I started to self-harm because I felt like who I was (who I am) was horrible and didn’t deserve to live…

My parents put me in a Christian summer camp which was such a blessing because at camp one of my leaders told me that being LGBT doesn’t mean you can’t be loved…Over the years, I came out to my friends and family; some of them have stopped talking to me because of my sexuality, but others were accepting…

I’m still glad I discovered myself and was super honest to everyone.

The moral of this is that I hope people with similar stories as me can understand that they’re loved no matter who they are.”

Story two: You are you and you are loved…you don’t need a label

Sent in by: Summer (nonbinary bisexual)

Instagram: @s.ummermargre.t

” Hi, my name’s Summer. When I was younger I always knew I was different. I didn’t know if I liked boys or girls or even if I was a boy or a girl. Coming out was okay; at the moment  I’m out as a nonbinary bisexual but…the truth is I don’t know what I am and that’s  okay.

People think that if you don’t know what you are then your world is shriveled up and it’s all you can think about…but it’s not.

I have a life and not knowing what I am hasn’t affected it. I want people to know that it’s okay to not know who you are or what you are.

You are you, and you are loved.”

These two incredibly strong individuals have donated their experiences to me, and now to you. They are living proof that being who you are is a rather difficult phenomenon, but it is but a truth; you are what/ who you are and that cannot change. Love and accept yourself, and surround yourself with others who will do the same, and nothing less.

This series is kicking off to a great start! I hope you guys continue to send in your stories, questions, experiences, etc., for others to admire and learn from. You are all amazing and deserve to feel like so. Please like,share, and leave comments on your opinions about this series. Be sure to visit the “request” page to leave suggestions for further posts on topics you want to hear about.


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  1. Thanks again guys! ❤


  2. Warren says:

    Hey Niah it’s Warren I love your walk this will inspire people around the country and hopefully people will be more excepting and realize there is nothing wrong with lgbt

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