America is doomed you say?

I cared very little to watch the election proceed on the night of November 8, 2016. My heart broke the next morning when I learned that America’s new president would be the same man we claim to possess such a powerful hatred for.But, let me defend Trump for a moment…

Trump has said things like “Grab ’em by the pu**y”, and has spread rumors of deporting the minority and building a wall. This man, to me, sounded like a complete monster. I had never watched one of his interviews, and I had barely glanced at any content pertaining to this man, but by word of mouth I was able to come to the assumption that I hated him. So I said I was going to”defend” this man, Trump. I would just like to say first off that my lack of intellect on political matters and terms is quite obvious, and if I could avoid it all together I would, but it affects me and my family; therefore it cannot be ignored. Anyways, my case of defense for Trump’s behavior is that he’s human, he’s privileged, and he’s cunning. As upset as we are, many of us don’t even deserve the right to be; many of you did not vote. We the people possess a certain limit of power, and we abuse it all too well by either overusing,overstepping, or not applying it all, or not quite enough.

We’re stuck with Trump, like it or not, so we need to embrace this “challenge”. This man has made recent claims that contradict is vile ones, and this has instilled some hope in those who once hated this man’s very existence. I say we all calm down, know our rights, pursue positive action to “bind the country’s wounds” as trump says, and save our energy for when this man actually acts on the threats he has bombed us with. At the moment I have seen both the young and old comment on how ashamed and embarrassed they are of their country; I have faith, everything happens for a reason. This man will go down in history no doubt, so let’s kick our feet up and pop some extra buttery popcorn down our throats as we choke on the kernels our country grows for us, the people.


I do not own the following image of trump; this pictured was extracted from google images.



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